Start a dropshipping business with quality brands and fast delivery

Make your dropshipping business a pleasurable experience for both you and your customers with domestic and high-quality brands, quick delivery, low inventory risk, excellent customer service.

Make your dropshipping business highly profitable without upfront inventory investment of your own

Find domestic brands you like on Shopify, invite them to your marketplace, so they may onboard in minutes

Start curating your product catalog, customize your marketplace to be on-brand, and then start selling

Keep your sales commission from every order, keep the customer relationship, and your brand identity


Revitalize your dropshipping business

The reality of traditional dropshipping is pretty painful and brittle. Bad experiences for both dropshippers and end-customers. The quality of the goods isn't great. Delivery times are unacceptable for many. Customer service is non-existent. You now have an opportunity to turn this around with Vendo by working with domestic brands, high-quality products, next day delivery and margins that make sense.

Easy dropshipping

Dropshipping business on Vendo

As a marketplace owner on Vendo, you may effortlessly onboard domestic brands running on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or similar. From then on, everything is automated: product sync, stock level updates, seller payouts. Orders are sent to sellers' existing stores for fulfillment. Your job is product curation, marketing, storytelling, and customer relationship management.

How it works

Delivery within days, not weeks

Having domestic brands that offer quality products as your marketplace sellers makes things so much easier. Customers may expect their products delivered within just a few days instead of 14-21 days (2-3 weeks!). Each order may contain products from multiple sellers so it’s up to you to recommend collections, sets, outfits, and bundles.

Start a dropshipping business with quality brands and fast delivery

Start a dropshipping business with domestic and high-quality brands, fast delivery, automated operations and seller payouts, excellent customer service.


Full automation and no extra manual work

You won’t have to enter products manually or synchronize any stock levels by hand. Everything is automated. That being said, you can curate what you want to sell and where.


Sellers get paid upon shipment

Vendo automates all seller payouts so sellers don’t have to wait for several days until the payments are reconciled by the marketplace owner. Once the goods are shipped, sellers get paid.

Common Questions

Frequently asked questions

How does the Shopify seller onboarding work?
As a marketplace owner, you can invite Shopify sellers to your marketplace so that they may onboard their products and wait for orders to be pulled from your marketplace to their Shopify dashboard for fulfillment. Once fulfilled, the shipment tracking information will be pushed from their Shopify store to your marketplace. It’s all automated and you control the on-brand experience end-to-end with your branded storefront and transactional emails.
Will the shipment tracking sync with my marketplace?
Once the Shopify sellers fulfills your marketplace order in their store dashboard, the shipment tracking information will be synced back with your marketplace. Your marketplace customers will receive a branded shipment email from your marketplace. Vendo Shopify sync is fully automated that way.
Will future product changes made by sellers be reflected on my marketplace?
Upon the initial Shopify store connection to your marketplace, there will be an initial sync performed. Later, any future update to the product catalog, inventory, shipping, and tax will be synchronized in real-time. So there is no risk of overselling and no need for manual updates on your marketplace.
Will Shopify sales analytics work with my marketplace orders?
All orders coming from your marketplace to your sellers’ Shopify dashboard are seen as regular orders and are included in their Shopify sales analytics.
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