Use Cases
Use Cases
Manufacturer Accessories Marketplace

How to start a manufacturer accessory marketplace in a dropshipping model

Start a multi-vendor marketplace with products complimentary to whatever it is you manufacture and save your customers the trouble of shopping elsewhere.

Bring more convenience to your customers while stimulating loyalty and brand advocacy.

Aggregate 3rd party accessory sellers under your own brand but without any inventory risks, warehousing or shipping headaches.

Find the brands you like on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, onboard them, start curating your product catalog.

Keep your sales commission from all marketplace orders, the customer relationship, and your brand identity.

Start a beauty marketplace with tens of Shopify brands as sellers

Onboard brands. Merchandise your storefront. Go live within days. Get paid. Scale up.

Start selling more

Diversify and expand your product catalog by combining the products you manufacture with a dropshipping catalog of accessories from tens (or even hundreds) of quality vendors. This is the most efficient and low-risk way to boost your eCommerce KPIs.

Assortment expansion
Assortment expansion

Check what sells well together

Take advantage of easy vendor onboarding and integration to introduce new categories and new arrivals on a regular basis. Test market demand easily without any inventory risks or costs. See what goes well with the products you manufacture.

Test virtual inventory
Test virtual inventory

Customization is the name of the game

Nobody wants products that appear generic anymore. Allow for personalization of your products with accessories. Extend your product functionality with complimentary products to give more value for money and raise your average order value.

Long tail assortment
Long tail assortment

Sellers get paid upon shipment

You won’t have to enter products manually or synchronize any stock levels by hand. Everything is automated. That being said, you can curate what you want to sell and where.


Sellers get paid upon shipment

Vendo automates all seller payouts so sellers don’t have to wait for several days until the payments are reconciled by the marketplace owner. Once the goods are shipped, sellers get paid.


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