Long Tail Audience Expansion

Execute a long tail Audience Expansion to multiply organic search traffic

Take your eCommerce with tens of SKUs to a marketplace model with tens of thousands of SKUs in just a few weeks.
Multiply your Google organic search results from a long tail of product keywords as well as sales in the weeks that follow.
So, find the brands you like, invite them to your marketplace, start curating your product catalog, and then start selling.
Keep your sales commission from all marketplace orders, the customer relationship, and your brand identity.

More products, more Google traffic, more sales

As you keep adding new products, they get indexed by Google, resulting in more organic search traffic, which leads to increased sales. The more products you add, the more new customers and sales you’ll get.
How it works
LOW CUSTOMER acquisition cost

Low-cost customer acquisition

Adding new products is the cheapest way to acquire new customers and boost sales. Google traffic is free traffic after all. And there is no cost associated with growing your product catalog. It’s an extremely low-cost customer acquisition option.
Seller onboarding

Blue Ocean SEO strategy

All the newly added products contribute additional keywords that your customers search for. Most new product keywords have a lower search volume but exist in a much less competitive environment than popular keywords. And, believe us, there are so many of them.

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