Virtual Inventory Dropshipping

How to grow your marketplace with Virtual Inventory dropshipping

Creating new or adjacent categories with Virtual Inventory allows you to start selling fresh, virtually-stocked products.
Vendo allows you to quickly onboard tens of new vendors, map their product categories to yours, curate your product catalog.
Find the brands you like on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, onboard them, start curating your product catalog.
Keep your sales commission from all marketplace orders, the customer relationship, and your brand identity.

Unlimited supply of new products

With Virtual Inventory, you can keep onboarding new sellers without worrying about your warehouse limitations or your website performance bottlenecks. Why not promote new arrivals or drops every week? Why not double or triple your product catalog? Why not experiment with new product categories, marketing channels, or audiences? Let customers vote with their wallets.
How it works

You can’t go wrong with Virtual Inventory

The biggest risk in eCommerce or Retail is around mistaken forecasting of how much inventory to hold and when, regardless of the given product category. Almost always, you never get it right, which, of course, is costly. The bigger you get, the bigger the costs and potential losses. Virtual Inventory relieves this risk altogether. You’re safe whatever you decide.
Products onboarding

Not selling? No problem!

While you keep experimenting, keep adding new categories and keep marketing new arrivals - some of those products might perform better than others. At any time, if you feel like you need to clear out the underperforming products or product groups - you may do so with a click of a button. You don’t have to worry about warehousing costs and what to do with failed products.

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