Jan 1, 2022

Vendo marketplace SaaS product highlights from 2022

Written by
Mike Faber

What a year it has been. Vendo customer feedback has led to the delivery of so many amazing marketplace features. Vendo is truly an all-in-one eCommerce marketplace platform with a roadmap for 2023 that’s going to save you even more time and help you grow your eCommerce business with tens of the most loved brands and thousands of new products at your fingertips. 

We’re helping Creators and Social Media Influencers, Digital Media, and Publishers monetize their online content and audiences through fully automated, no-code eCommerce following a revitalized and domestic dropshipping model, i.e., without the need to invest in their own inventory or spend their time managing a warehouse and order fulfillment.

We’re also helping eCommerce Brands, Retailers, and Manufacturers to expand their product catalog with third-party inventory to upsell existing customers and gain new ones with complementary product categories. It’s an easy way to make customers happier and boost eCommerce KPIs in a low-risk assortment and audience expansion model. 


Below are the most appreciated Vendo marketplace features of 2022.

Vendor onboarding, sync & payouts

  • Shopify brands onboarding - Let tens of Shopify sellers add your marketplace as yet another convenient sales channel in their Shopify store dashboard. Brands will automatically and effortlessly sync their product catalog, inventory levels, shipping methods, as well as tax and shipping configuration to your marketplace and remain in sync at all times. When a buyer makes an order, that order will be automatically pushed to your vendor’s Shopify dashboard for fulfillment. Shipment tracking information will be automatically fetched to your marketplace and sent by email to the customer. Vendo also supports automated refunds and order cancellations on the line item level. No manual work.
  • WooCommerce brands onboarding - It works exactly as for Shopify brands. Full automation and no manual work for either you or your brands.
  • Automated vendor payouts schedule - Easily adjust the vendor payout schedule within the Vendo admin dashboard. Vendor payouts are automated and will be sent accordingly while giving you full visibility and reporting capabilities.

Marketplace merchandising & product catalog curation

  • Product catalog management - Curate your products using the dashboard individually or in bulk. If you prefer, filter and export products into a CSV or an Excel spreadsheet, make edits in bulk, and then import them back into Vendo.
  • Full auto or manual curation - If needed, overwrite vendor-supplied product photos, descriptions, and attributes to match your marketplace branding and general look & feel.
  • Brands management - Manage brand settings such as branding, display name, brand page slug, SEO settings, and other public information to keep everyone happy.
  • Custom product properties - Use custom properties for brands, product categories, and products to make them discoverable with labels such as vegan, cruelty-free, female-led, domestic, or sustainable.
  • Robust discount engine - Easily configure promotions of different kinds, either marketplace or partner-funded. Generate thousands of codes in bulk to use for marketing activities and partnerships.

Vendo storefront and checkout 

  • Vendo storefront is customizable by adjusting theme branding. Mobile and desktop preview is available while adjusting. 
  • Vendo storefront advanced styling is made easy by the import of Shopify themes with hundreds of Shopify agencies available to help. 
  • 1-click express checkout with Apple Pay & Google Pay - faster purchases that  bypass the entire checkout flow with pre-stored customer information.
  • Checkout international address validation reduces the number of failed deliveries and customer service issues. It’s a feature both your vendors and customer support will appreciate.
  • Easy checkout customization to allow promo, shipping & returns, or legal wording as per your business needs. 

Shipping & returns

  • Unified marketplace shipping - Introduce consistent naming and pricing of the shipping methods presented on checkout despite working with tens of brands.
  • Marketplace-wide free shipping - Configure free shipping above a certain order value or for every order. Decide whether or not to reimburse the vendors.
  • Outbound delivery tracking - End-customers will receive tracking links to a tracking page with your marketplace branding. Over a thousand carriers supported.
  • Returns eligibility management - Configure products as returnable or non-returnable as per your marketplace’s and vendors' returns policies to avoid surprises.
  • Self-service returns - Facilitate self-service returns for end-customers with an on-brand returns portal with real-time shipment tracking and status notifications. 

Omnichannel sales & upselling

  • Product feed - Sell your marketplace products with Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, and others.
  • No-code integrations using - Connect your marketplace data streams to hundreds of analytics, reporting, marketing, and upselling tools.

Customer emails & service

  • Branded emails - Customize transactional emails using Klaviyo and build advanced automations to upsell, cross-sell, and keep users engaged with promotions.
  • Helpdesk chat - Add a ZenDesk chat widget to your storefront to easily communicate with your brands and customers.

Reporting & Auditing

  • Vendor onboarding dashboard - Keep an eye on your vendor onboarding pipeline stats and progress to assist vendors, review and approve them to go live.
  • Reporting dashboard - Keep track of customer-facing metrics and charts for incoming traffic, total orders, average order value, and total sales in any time period. 
  • Buyer breakdowns - Check your users' device and country breakdown and top referring pages. All of this is built into your marketplace dashboard.
  • Product performance report - Review a detailed report of the top performing products or export the entire report into a CSV after setting the time period and sorting.
  • Audit trail - Monitor admin and partner user actions and configuration changes across your entire team or investigate merchandising history to learn & improve. 
  • Automated notifications when a product is taken off the site or sells out will help your team make timely merchandising decisions and give end-customers what they want.

Something missing? Let us know if there’s anything else you need so we can make our platform suitable for your marketplace needs. Feel free to reach out by email at:


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Written by
Mike Faber
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