Low-risk retailer assortment expansion in a dropshipping model

Take advantage of easy vendor onboarding and integration to introduce new categories and new arrivals on a regular basis.
Test the market easily without any inventory risks or costs. Make data-driven merchandising decisions.
Find the brands you like on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, onboard them, start curating your product catalog.
Keep your sales commission from all marketplace orders, the customer relationship, and your brand identity.

Combine your own product catalog with dropshipping

Add new product categories to your catalog and surprise your customers with more choices and options without any inventory risk or warehousing scalability issues. Increase your average order value and customer lifetime value with fresh product drops or new arrivals every week.
Assortment expansion

More products translate into more orders

Give customers a wider choice of products from many different sources. Attract new customers and upsell existing ones. Give Google more products to index and present in their search results. Organic search traffic translates into quality visitors with the intent to buy.
Long tail assortment

Experiment with new product categories

Running a dropshipping marketplace is a great way to test new product categories without inventory risks. Experiment with new products without any technical delays, using your own capital, or clearance headaches.
Test virtual inventory

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