Digitally Native Vertical Brand Upselling

How to grow your Shopify brand with Assortment & Audience Expansion

Start with your own product line. Expand into complimentary products using Vendo marketplace dropshipping platform.
Assortment expansion is intended to fully satisfy your customers needs and save them the hussle of shopping elsewhere.
Find the brands you like on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, to combine their products with your product catalog.
Keep your sales commission from all 3rd party brand orders, keep the customer relationship, and your brand identity.
Low-risk Assortment Expansion

Testing brand collaborations

Add complimentary products to your own product catalog without any manufacturing, warehousing, inventory risk, or using your own capital. Create new categories with curated dropshipping partners. Test market trends and customer demand based on new sales data.
Assortment expansion
Consistent user experience

Control the UX end-to-end

Despite collaborating with other brands, keep your entire user experience in check. Starting with product presentation, product photos, descriptions, and ending with email order confirmations and shipping confirmations. Thanks to Vendo, the entire buyer experience will stay on-brand.
Seller collaboration

Fully automated partner collaboration

Vendo allows you to forever stay in sync with your partner brands. Vendo automatically: updates inventory levels in real-time to avoid overselling or customer service issues; uses your sellers’ shipping and taxation settings on your marketplace checkout to make it easier for them to fulfill orders; fetches shipment tracking information and sends it to your marketplace customers.
How it works

Common Questions

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