Use Cases
Use Cases
MARKETPLACE Vendor Onboarding

Onboard tens of new Shopify brands to your marketplace in minutes

Marketplace seller onboarding takes just a few minutes. No matter if your marketplace sellers are using Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or any other eCommerce platform, your marketplace is just another sales channel to them. Full automation. No overhead or manual work.

Vendo fully automates product catalog synchronization fetching product photos, attributes (size, color), descriptions, prices.

Vendo pushes all captured orders from the marketplace into the sellers' own Shopify store dashboard for fulfillment.

Sellers may decide which products to sell on your marketplace. A marketplace owner needs to approve them all.

Onboard sellers, curate the product catalog, start selling. Keep the sales commission, the customer relationship, your brand identity.

Start a beauty marketplace with tens of Shopify brands as sellers

Onboard brands. Merchandise your storefront. Go live within days. Get paid. Scale up.

Onboard Shopify sellers to your marketplace in minutes

Let your Shopify sellers add your marketplace as yet another sales channel in their store dashboard. They will automatically sync their product catalog, inventory levels, shipping methods, orders, taxes, and shipment tracking info with your marketplace. All they need to do is install the Vendo Connect app from the Shopify App Store.

Shopify sync
Shopify sync

Onboard WooCommerce sellers to your marketplace in minutes

Thanks to Vendo, your WooCommerce sellers may automatically sync their products, inventory levels, and shipment tracking info with your marketplace as well. Any new orders captured on your marketplace will be pushed from your marketplace to the sellers’ WooCommerce dashboards for fulfillment. No need for any manual work.

WooCommerce sync
WooCommerce sync

Onboard Magento sellers to your marketplace in minutes

Magento sellers may also automatically sync their product catalog and inventory levels with your marketplace to later receive any new orders from your marketplace into their own Magento dashboard. The entire process is fully automated and doesn’t add any additional complexity.

Magento sync
Magento sync

Sellers get paid upon shipment

You won’t have to enter products manually or synchronize any stock levels by hand. Everything is automated. That being said, you can curate what you want to sell and where.


Sellers get paid upon shipment

Vendo automates all seller payouts so sellers don’t have to wait for several days until the payments are reconciled by the marketplace owner. Once the goods are shipped, sellers get paid.


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