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How to Start a Beauty Marketplace as a Creator

Released on 
Jan 23, 2023
Written by
Anna Ambroszkiewicz

If you are a beauty Creator looking to monetize your content and audience, why not start your very own beautifully merchandised dropshipping marketplace with tens of quality, domestic brands offering delightful products that scream “buy me” and leave your audience no choice.

With Vendo, you can curate your product catalog from many different brands and sell them on your own dropshipping marketplace website while keeping the customer relationship to yourself and a 20-30% sales commission from each order. That’s 10 times more than with Amazon Influencer Program. 

So stop putting money into other people's pockets and endorse your own brand instead. Your audience is following you because you are their authority, and they’d love shopping recommendations from you.

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Who should start a beauty dropshipping marketplace

If you are a creator who has nurtured a devoted community around your passion for skin care and make-up, starting a beauty dropshipping marketplace is the perfect next step.

From makeup tutorials to expert advice, you have already mastered the art of helping people look and feel their best. By leveraging your knowledge and insights while staying true to your vision, you could create an online platform full of curated products from your favorite brands. 

This could be a great money-making opportunity and a way to stay more in touch with your community. So if you think you’re ready to start your beauty empire, there’s no better time than now!

1. @Christxiee

Christxiee lives in NYC and shares makeup tutorials and beauty tips on all her channels - Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok and calls herself "your internet bestie that loves makeup."

Youtube 676K subscribers

Instagram 175K followers 

TikTok: 859K followers

  1. Christxiee has a highly engaged community of fans, especially on TikTok, where her most popular videos exceed 3M views, like the one where she uses only viral products.
  2. She already uses and recommends products of various brands in each of her videos. Some of them through paid partnerships. Still, she could offer those products through her own dropshipping marketplace, especially since some of them run their stores on Shopify, for example, Elf Cosmetics or J.Cat Beauty. She could also include many more brands matching her style, like Pat McGrath Labs, Cake Beauty, or theBalm.
  3. Christxiee provides inspiration and tutorials for young girls who like experimenting with makeup and getting a celebrity-like look. Her niche is colorful cosmetics from young and vibrant brands. Having her own marketplace could provide her with more opportunities to experiment with different brands and products and make more money on her recommendations.

Christxiee already has an Amazon affiliate shop with some of the products she uses and recommends, but as you can see, it is very limited in terms of product variety. Here you will find the 6 reasons why she should swap it for her own dropshipping marketplace business!

2. @MakeupJustForFun

Amanda is a New York based photographer and Youtuber. Her videos are focused on swatching, reviewing, and comparing all the latest releases to help you make great decisions so you can purchase what you love and love what you purchase. She also posts some super easy tutorials that are beginner friendly.

Youtube: 81K subscribers

Instagram: 146K followers 

  1. Amanda's content is for beginners in the makeup world. She offers easy tutorials and takes away the pain of having to choose the right products.
  2. Since her main content is product reviews, there is a lot of potential for selling those products instead of just testing and promoting them for free. Many of the brands featured in her videos have Shopify stores that easily integrate with Vendo dropshipping marketplace. ColourPop, Oden's Eye, and Clionadh Cosmetics, to name a few.
  3. With the overload of beauty brands in the market, Amanda's curated marketplace can be of real value to consumers who don't have much knowledge themselves and don’t want to spend much time shopping for beauty products and need ready solutions.

Amanda owns an Etsy store where she sells mostly handmade jewelry. Jewelry might make a good complementary product to cosmetics (same target group). However, it is doubtful that she can make much money with those $5-18 commodities (bear in mind that Etsy takes its commission from these prices!). 

She could really benefit from her own dropshipping marketplace with both beauty products that she is already recommending to her audience as well as her jewelry. She could have all in one store and earn much more money!

3. @GreacefulBeautyWithSheri

Sheri shares her ideas and experiences with beauty, skincare, makeup, lifestyle & more. At 49 years old, she is constantly researching and testing out new products, studying ingredients, and buying the next best "anti-aging" miracle serum.

Youtube: 197K subscribers

Instagram: 13K followers

  1. Sheri shares her anti-aging skincare routines and makeup tips for mature women who want to look great in their 40s, 50s, etc
  2. She could benefit more from brands she already promotes like Revision Skincare or Color Science that sell through Shopify websites by including them in her dropshipping marketplace and earning a substantial commission from every sale from her recommendation.
  3. It's much more difficult to choose the right products for older skin, be it for the everyday routine or makeup. Sheri's marketplace could bring a lot of value to her audience as a one-stop-shop for mature ladies for their anti-aging cosmetics.

Currently, Sheri uses the affiliate program of the company Skin Beautiful RX. Affiliate sales will soon be out of the picture, with Google phasing out cookies. Also, the link in Sheri's Instagram profile leads to just one product!

All these three influencers have significant communities who follow them for their beauty tips and trust their product recommendations. Each of them has made some attempts at online sales as a way to monetize their content and loyal audiences. 

However, none of these methods seem to be effective in terms of bringing substantial profits. Their selling potential is so much bigger, and they could be monetizing it with their own dropshipping marketplace businesses where they could sell curated products to their fanbase with high commissions.

7 reasons to start selling in a dropshipping model with Vendo

  1. Start selling immediately with tens of brands from Shopify
  2. No upfront investment into product design, manufacturing, and marketing
  3. No need to manage inventory or warehousing yourself
  4. Focus on the creative, customer-facing side and engage with your audience
  5. Grow faster by adding and testing new products without any additional cost
  6. Earn 20-30% sales commission from every order
  7. Get paid immediately once the customer makes a payment

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Anna Ambroszkiewicz

Anna is a startup co-founder, growth hacker, blogger, and fashion influencer. After hours, she's a surfer, snowboarder, and a traveler.

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