Oct 1, 2023

Shopping Calendar: A Year-round Guide to E-commerce Sales Opportunities

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Every successful e-commerce business needs a well-thought-out strategy to profit from seasonal trends and holidays. To help you make the most of these revenue-boosting opportunities, we present a meticulously curated shopping calendar. From popular retail giants like Black Friday and Christmas to lesser-known gems such as National Sticker Day and Star Wars Day, this guide provides actionable insights to unlock the full sales potential of each occasion. 

But to truly capitalize on these e-commerce holidays and elevate your business to new heights, you need the right tools and support. That's where Vendo comes in. 

Vendo empowers content creators, publishers, and online community owners to seamlessly enter the world of dropshipping. With Vendo, you can easily start an e-commerce business, tapping into quality products from various domestic brands. The platform automates the entire process and offers a full suite of tools for product curation and customization of your storefront to align with your brand identity, creating a visually appealing shopping experience for your audience. With Vendo's white-glove support guiding you every step of the way, your journey to e-commerce success becomes not only seamless but also highly rewarding. 

Now, let’s dive into the calendar and see how with Vendo, you can make your e-commerce business a success!


Major shopping holidays

New Year’s Day 

January 1

New Year's Day brings new beginnings. As the year starts, craft your marketing campaigns around resolutions, bucket lists, and 30-day challenges. Brands in activewear and health & beauty can appeal to those aiming for weight loss or wellness. Travel wear and planners can target customers eager to plan their next vacation. It's a time for fresh starts and exciting possibilities!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 16

It's a federal holiday in the US, honoring Martin Luther King Jr., a key figure in the Civil Rights Movement, who fought for racial justice. To connect with your customers and promote inclusivity, think about running a marketing campaign that celebrates kindness and equality. Show your support for this important cause and make a positive impact. 

Valentine’s Day

February 14

On Valentine's Day, love and romance take center stage, but there's more to it than just romantic gestures. Encourage your audience to celebrate love in all its forms, whether it's for friends, family, or partners. When crafting your Valentine's Day marketing, think outside the box. Instead of the usual discounts, offer a unique touch by allowing buyers to include a personalized note for the recipient of the gift. This heartfelt message will express their love and appreciation, making the gift even more meaningful. To add an extra touch of care, consider offering gift wrapping services, making the experience even more delightful for both the giver and the receiver. Show your customers that your brand cherishes all types of love and goes the extra mile to make Valentine's Day truly special for everyone. 

Presidents’ Day

February 20

President's Day is a federal holiday celebrating the birthdays of George Washington, the first US president, and Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday also falls in February. It's a great opportunity to create merchandise for your American audience and celebrate together with a fun marketing campaign. Join in the festivities and show some patriotic spirit!

International Women’s Day

March 8

International Women's Day is a powerful celebration of women's equality and their incredible contributions to the world. If this message resonates with your brand, be sure to join in and spread the love. Encourage your audience to make a thoughtful gift to the women they love and respect. Share your own story, offer a friendly discount, or run a charity campaign to support local or international communities. Let's come together to honor and empower women on this special day and show our appreciation in meaningful ways!

St. Patrick’s Day

March 17

Saint Patrick's Day is a special holiday that commemorates Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The day holds cultural and religious significance, particularly in Ireland, but it has become a global celebration of Irish heritage and culture. As an e-commerce business, you can tap into this festive occasion and use it for marketing campaigns, opening up opportunities to reach a large market worth $5.6 billion. However, it's crucial to approach it with caution, avoiding excessive commercialization that might misrepresent the authentic spirit of the Irish traditions. With a thoughtful and respectful approach, you can join in the celebration and engage your audience while honoring the essence of Saint Patrick's Day!

Easter (Holy Week)

March or April, depending on the year

Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday are days that honor the events leading to Jesus Christ's resurrection. Easter holds significant importance in Christianity, even more than Christmas, and it's less commercialized. Nevertheless, each year, business owners dedicate more effort to plan spring sales for Easter, providing special offers on clothing, seasonal decorations, and home goods. 

Mother’s Day

The second Sunday of May in the USA

Mother's Day is a significant holiday, ranking as the third biggest spending occasion in the US. This year, let's make it extra special by creating heartwarming campaigns that celebrate the most important women in our lives—our moms. Keep in mind that Mother's Day is celebrated on different dates around the world, so do your research before launching promotions.

Memorial Day

May 29

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States dedicated to honoring and remembering those who lost their lives while serving in the Armed Forces. When planning campaigns for Memorial Day, it's essential to be cautious and thoughtful. Take a moment to re-evaluate the tone and nature of your promotions before posting that discount code or social media update. Ensure that your messages and offers are respectful and sensitive as on that day we pay tribute to the brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Children’s Day

June 1 

Children's Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating and honoring children all around the world. It's a day to recognize their importance, cherish their innocence, and promote their well-being. You can make this day extra memorable by offering a wide range of children's products, including toys, games, educational materials, and clothing. Creating special Children's Day gift bundles or hosting kid-friendly online events can make the day exciting for both kids and parents. It's an opportunity to spread joy, encourage creativity, and bring smiles to the faces of young ones everywhere.

American Flag Day

June 14

Flag Day is a special occasion that celebrates the adoption of the US flag, appealing to the patriotic spirit of all Americans. It's the perfect time to show your love for the country and connect with your customers on a deeper level. Consider offering discounts on anything red, white, and blue to honor the flag's colors and symbolize unity and pride. 

Father’s Day

The third Sunday of June in the USA

Father's Day may not be as widely celebrated as Mother's Day, but it's still an important event worth remembering and celebrating. Just like Mother's Day, different countries have varying dates for honoring fathers, so make sure to double-check when your target audience celebrates fatherhood. Take this opportunity to show our appreciation for dads around the world and make their day extra special with thoughtful and heartwarming gestures!

Independence Day

July 4

The 4th of July is a holiday that brings Americans together like no other. To liven up your June and July campaigns, consider adding some patriotic spirit. If your store offers products with US-themed designs, it's the perfect time to promote them and join in the celebration of this special day. 

Labor Day

September 4

Labor Day is a significant holiday that celebrates the achievements of American workers, both socially and economically. As a federal holiday, it's marked by public festivities like firework displays, picnics, and barbecues. For many, Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer and the start of a new season. As retailers and shoppers gear up for the transition, it's a great time to plan and shop for a fresh set of outfits. 


October 31

Halloween's roots trace back to an ancient Celtic festival in Ireland, celebrating the end of harvest and the approach of winter. Today, it has transformed into a joyful occasion filled with fun costumes, trick-or-treating, and playful decorations. Halloween is all about embracing the lighthearted and whimsical spirit, making it an exciting and enjoyable celebration for people of all ages. 


November - date shifts every year (you can check it here)

Thanksgiving is a nationwide celebration with its origins as a harvest festival when early pilgrims shared their food with Native Americans. Today, it's a cherished occasion where families and friends gather for a meal, expressing gratitude for their blessings. It's a perfect moment to pause and appreciate all that we have. In business, this day holds special significance as many companies take the opportunity to thank their loyal customers for their continued support. 

Black Friday

Last Friday of November

Black Friday is a shopper's dream, with amazing deals and eager customers. As an e-commerce shop owner, you can maximize your profits on this day by offering enticing discounts and time-limited offers. Consider creating attractive bundle deals that combine related products, and use upselling and cross-selling techniques to encourage customers to add more items to their carts. Get ahead of the competition by starting your promotions a few days before Black Friday, and make sure your website is mobile-friendly to cater to the growing number of mobile shoppers. 

Cyber Monday

The Monday after Black Friday

Cyber Monday is the biggest online spending day of the year, and people love snagging great deals from the comfort of their screens. As an e-commerce business owner, this is your chance to shine. Get ready to roll out even bigger discounts and exciting offers, surpassing the frenzy of Black Friday. Embrace the digital shopping craze, and make Cyber Monday a mega success for your online store. Your customers will be thrilled with the fantastic savings and a hassle-free shopping experience!

Christmas Eve and Day

December 24–25

Christmas is a special time celebrated by billions worldwide, honoring the birth of Jesus Christ. While it may be getting more commercial, it remains a cherished family holiday. As a business owner, focus your marketing efforts on heart-warming ideas and genuine wishes to connect with your customers. Embrace the spirit of giving, and spread joy and love through your promotions, making this Christmas a truly memorable and meaningful experience for all.

Boxing Day

December 26

Boxing Day, observed in various countries with historical ties to the United Kingdom, is a national holiday where people enjoy time with loved ones. While its origins can be traced back to medieval times, today, it is commonly seen as an extension of the Christmas festivities. As an e-commerce business owner, you can leverage this holiday by offering special promotions and deals that extend the Christmas spirit. Encourage customers to continue celebrating and make their Boxing Day extra special with thoughtful products and discounts.

New Year’s Eve

December 31

The final day of the year is a time for social gatherings and watching dazzling fireworks displays. It's also an occasion to dress up in your fanciest party outfit and welcome the new year with excitement. As a business owner, you can join in the celebrations by sending New Year's wishes to your customers and reflecting on the past year's journey. Consider running special promotions on products that can help people prepare for their New Year's festivities, making their celebrations even more memorable. Embrace the spirit of new beginnings, and make the most of this joyous occasion to connect with your audience.

Niche shopping holidays

Science Fiction Day

January 2

Science Fiction Day celebrates all things sci-fi, like movies, books, and TV shows. You can take advantage of this by offering sci-fi-themed merchandise, like collectibles, t-shirts, and gadgets from popular sci-fi franchises.

National Sticker Day

January 13

This is a day to celebrate all things stickers. You can capitalize on this by selling unique and creative stickers for laptops, water bottles, and planners. Personalized sticker packs could be a hit too!

National Hat Day

January 15

Do you sell hats in your store? If not, maybe it’s time to add them as a new product. Whatever your niche, hats with funny slogans or cool graphics could become a hit. 

Get to Know Your Customers Day

January 19

This day encourages businesses to engage with customers and build relationships. You can use this opportunity to run surveys, offer special discounts, and provide personalized product recommendations.

National Cheesy Socks Day

January 21

Cheesy Socks Day is all about fun and quirky socks. You can promote a wide range of novelty socks with creative designs and patterns, perfect for gift-giving occasions.

Chinese New Year

January 22

Chinese New Year is a significant cultural celebration with millions of people participating worldwide. You can offer festive decorations, traditional clothing, and special gift sets to cater to the celebratory mood.

National Pie Day

January 23

Pie Day is all about delicious pies! You can promote baking supplies, pie-making kits, recipe books and even ready-to-order pies for those who prefer not to bake.

National Spouse’s Day

January 26

On this day, people appreciate their spouses and partners. You can offer romantic gifts, couple-oriented products, and date night experiences to celebrate love and relationships.

Groundhog Day

February 2

Groundhog Day is a fun tradition where a groundhog predicts if there will be more winter or an early spring. If it sees its shadow, winter stays longer. You can celebrate this by selling cute groundhog-themed stuff like toys and decorations.

National Pizza Day

February 9

On Pizza Day, everyone loves pizza! You can join the excitement by offering cool pizza-themed merchandise like t-shirts, socks, and phone cases with pizza designs.

Super Bowl 

The second Sunday of February  

The Super Bowl is a massive sporting event with millions of viewers. You can tap into the sports enthusiasm by selling team merchandise, party supplies, and hosting Super Bowl-themed sales events.

Galentine’s Day

February 13

Galentine's Day is a combination of the words "gal" (referring to female friends) and "Valentine's Day" and was popularized by the TV show "Parks and Recreation." It is all about celebrating and appreciating the bond between female friends. Women often come together for brunches, parties, or gift exchanges to show love and support for their gal pals. You can cater to this heartwarming occasion by offering Galentine's Day-themed products like friendship bracelets, personalized mugs, "best friend" matching items, and greeting cards to express affection and appreciation for female friendships.

Singles Awareness Day

February 15

On this day, you can show some love to all the singles out there. Offer self-care packages, singles-themed merchandise, and fun activities for those looking to celebrate themselves.

Love Your Pet Day

February 20

Pet owners celebrate their furry friends on this day. You can promote pet-related products like toys, treats, and personalized pet accessories to indulge the pet lovers in your audience.

Family Day

February 20

Family Day is about spending quality time with loved ones. You can promote family-oriented products, such as board games, outdoor activities, and family photo books, to help families create lasting memories.

National Dress Day

March 6

National Dress Day is a day to celebrate fashion and self-expression through clothing. You can join in the celebration by showcasing and selling a variety of stylish dresses for all ages and occasions. Promote the latest trends, offer exclusive discounts, and create lookbook guides to inspire your customers' outfit choices.

First Day of Spring

March 20

The First Day of Spring marks the end of winter and the beginning of a fresh season. You can welcome springtime by offering spring-themed products like colorful decorations, gardening tools, and outdoor accessories. Create a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere in your online store to match the spirit of the season.

National Sibling Day

April 10

National Sibling Day is all about appreciating and cherishing the bond between siblings. You can help people celebrate their brothers and sisters by offering thoughtful and heartwarming sibling-themed gifts. Consider promoting personalized items, like custom-made jewelry or engraved keepsakes, to make the day extra special.

National Pet Day

April 11

On National Pet Day, you can show love and care for our furry companions. Offer a range of pet products, such as toys, treats, grooming supplies, and cozy beds. Run pet-themed promotions and highlight pet adoption initiatives to support animal welfare causes.

Coachella Festival

April - date shifts every year (you can check it here)

Coachella is a popular music and arts festival that attracts a large audience. Even if you're not attending the event, you can still ride the Coachella wave by offering festival-inspired fashion, accessories, and beauty products. Embrace bohemian styles and trendy festival looks to appeal to those who want to capture the festival vibe.

Earth Day

April 22

Earth Day is a global event dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability. You can participate by offering eco-friendly and sustainable products, such as reusable bags, solar-powered gadgets, and natural skincare items. Promote green initiatives, share eco-conscious tips, and support environmental organizations.

World Book Day

April 23

World Book Day celebrates the joy of reading and the importance of literature. You can encourage book lovers by offering a wide selection of books across various genres and age groups. Organize book clubs, host virtual author events, and create book-themed promotions to ignite the passion for reading in your audience.

Star Wars Day

May 4

Star Wars Day is a fan-celebrated day dedicated to the iconic Star Wars franchise. You can join the excitement by offering Star Wars-themed merchandise, such as toys, clothing, and collectibles. May the 4th be with you as you create special sales events and engage fans with trivia quizzes and themed contests.

National Space Day

May 5

On National Space Day, people marvel at the wonders of space exploration and the universe. You can participate by offering space-related products, like telescopes, educational space toys, and cosmic-themed decor. Spark curiosity and fascination for the cosmos by organizing space-themed activities and educational content.

Victoria Day

May 22

Victoria Day is a Canadian holiday that honors Queen Victoria's birthday. You can celebrate this day by offering Canadian-themed products, promoting local businesses, and organizing virtual events for the Canadian community. Embrace Canadian culture and share the joy with your customers.

National Wine Day

May 25

National Wine Day is a time to savor and enjoy different types of wine. You can indulge wine enthusiasts by offering a selection of wines from various regions and hosting virtual wine tastings. Wine-related accessories like glasses, decanters, and wine racks can also make for great additions to your offerings.

National Doughnut Day

June 2

National Doughnut Day celebrates these delicious treats. You can sweeten the day by offering a variety of doughnut-themed merchandise like mugs and clothing to complete the celebration.

Best Friends Day

June 8

Best Friends Day is all about appreciating our closest friends. You can make this day extra special by offering friendship-themed gifts and cards to honor those meaningful relationships. Create special bundles for best friends and run promotions that encourage customers to show their appreciation.

International Yoga Day

June 21

International Yoga Day promotes the practice of yoga and its benefits. You can cater to yoga enthusiasts by offering yoga mats, apparel, accessories, and online yoga classes. Partner with yoga instructors to provide exclusive content and encourage customers to embrace a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

Canada Day

July 1

Canada Day is a national holiday in Canada, celebrating the country's founding on July 1st. You can join the celebration by offering Canadian-themed products like maple leaf merchandise, Canadian flags, and items representing Canadian culture. Host virtual events that showcase Canadian talent, music, and traditions to engage your Canadian audience.

National Bikini Day

July 5

National Bikini Day celebrates the iconic swimsuit style. You can embrace the summer vibes by offering a wide range of swimwear and beach accessories. Promote special discounts on bikinis, one-pieces, and cover-ups to make a splash in the swimwear market. Consider creating beach day essentials bundles to attract customers looking for a complete beach outfit.

Canadian Thanksgiving

Second Monday of October

Canadian Thanksgiving is a holiday in Canada that falls on the second Monday of October. It's a time for giving thanks for the harvest and blessings of the past year. You can celebrate this holiday by offering festive decorations, fall-themed products, and Thanksgiving dinner essentials. Consider creating special Thanksgiving gift sets or hosting online events that promote gratitude and family togetherness. 

Super Saturday

the Saturday before Christmas

Super Saturday is a crucial shopping day, especially for last-minute gift hunters. With Christmas just around the corner, offering fast and reliable shipping options is essential to meet customer expectations and ensure gifts arrive on time. To minimize the risk of late deliveries, consider promoting digital products and gift cards. These instant and convenient options allow customers to gift experiences, subscriptions, or digital content without worrying about shipping delays. Emphasize the benefits of these alternatives, as they guarantee a stress-free and timely holiday shopping experience.


How to maximize your E-commerce success during shopping holidays

1. Start Early and Plan Ahead:

  • Begin brainstorming holiday ideas and promotions in advance to ensure a well-prepared strategy.
  • Plan ahead to ensure timely shipping for holiday orders, avoiding disappointed customers.

2. Choose the relevant Holidays:

  • Choose the holidays that align with your brand and products offered in your store
  • Connect your brand with the theme of the shopping holiday to resonate with your audience.
  • Create engaging content that highlights your products' relevance to the holiday, using festive imagery and messaging.

3. Give Back and Build Loyalty:

  • Partner with a cause or charity related to the holiday to show your brand's commitment to social responsibility.
  • Offer a percentage of sales to the cause or encourage customers to donate at checkout, building goodwill and customer loyalty.

4. Expand Your Offerings:

  • Utilize the shopping holiday to introduce new product categories that align with the holiday theme.
  • Offer holiday-specific bundles or limited-edition items to attract more customers and increase sales.

5. Know Your Target Customer:

  • Understand who your primary target audience is for the specific holiday. For instance, on Mother's Day, focus on adult children looking for gifts for their moms.
  • Tailor your marketing messages and product recommendations to meet the needs and preferences of the holiday's typical shoppers.

6. Upsell and Cross-sell:

  • Offer upselling opportunities to entice customers to upgrade their purchases to higher-priced items or premium versions.
  • Utilize cross-selling techniques by suggesting complementary products to enhance the customer's shopping experience.

7. Leverage Gift Cards and Digital Products:

  • Promote gift cards and digital products, as they ensure on-time delivery and provide recipients with the freedom to choose their preferred items.
  • Highlight the convenience and versatility of these options to attract customers seeking hassle-free gift solutions.

8. Customize Your Homepage:

  • Create a festive atmosphere by customizing your website's homepage to match the holiday occasion.
  • Highlight holiday-specific products and promotions to capture visitors' attention right from the start.
Vendo's user-friendly platform makes homepage customization a breeze, requiring no coding knowledge.

9. Optimize for Mobile Shopping:

  • Cater to the growing number of customers shopping from mobile devices.
  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, providing a seamless shopping experience for mobile users.
Vendo's platform is optimized for mobile, making it easy for customers to shop on any device.

10. Prepare for Increased Traffic:

During shopping holidays, website traffic can surge significantly. Vendo's platform is designed to handle high volumes of traffic without compromising speed and performance. With Vendo's scalable infrastructure, your website remains stable and fast, providing a seamless shopping experience for every visitor. And the best part is that it happens automatically, so you don’t need to do anything or worry about it!

By leveraging these strategies and optimizing your e-commerce platform for shopping holidays, you can maximize your sales, build brand loyalty, and create a memorable and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

Maximize your e-commerce success and take your business to new heights with Vendo!


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