Sep 3, 2023

How to Start a Baby and Kids Marketplace as a Creator

Written by
Anna Ambroszkiewicz

Greetings Parenting Creator! Are you interested in taking monetizing your content to the next level?

You can now launch your own baby and kids marketplace with Vendo. By doing so, you can establish a stronger connection with your audience while earning a commission of 20-30% on each sale, which is much better than any affiliate program provides.

Don't let your efforts go to waste. Take charge and showcase your unique spin on things. Your followers trust your advice and recommendations, so why not offer them the opportunity to shop based on your suggestions? Start your baby and kids marketplace with Vendo today.


Who should start a baby and kids dropshipping marketplace

If you're a parenting influencer with a dedicated following, it's time to leverage your expertise by launching your own baby and kids marketplace. You've already established your reputation of providing helpful parenting tips and advice to your audience.

With Vendo, you can curate a selection of essential products from a variety of top-quality domestic brands, providing your followers with a one-stop-shop for all their baby and kids' needs.

This approach benefits both you and your followers as they can shop with ease while you earn a consistent revenue stream. Transform your passion for parenting into a thriving business by launching your own baby and kids marketplace with Vendo.

1. @TakingCaraBabies

Check out this parenting blog that specializes in helping parents with baby and toddler sleep. Founded by Cara, a mom of four, neonatal nurse, and certified pediatric sleep consultant, Taking Cara Babies provides a unique blend of research and empathy to assist parents in getting their little ones to sleep through the night.

Cara's personal experience as a first-time parent struggling with her baby's sleep patterns inspired her to create Taking Cara Babies. After trying countless strategies and techniques, she developed a solution that combines the expertise of a nurse with the heart of a mother. Her content provides age-appropriate and emotionally connected strategies to help parents lay a healthy sleep foundation for their children from birth through age 4.

Instagram: 2.4M followers

Pinterest: 104K followers

Youtube: 20K subscribers

Amazon shop

Cara has an Amazon Affiliate store that features baby products. She also sells digital products like online courses and ebooks to help parents get their children to sleep.

  1. Cara's content solves the problem of baby and toddler sleep issues for parents who are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. She brings value to her community by offering emotionally-connected and age-appropriate strategies to help parents lay a healthy sleep foundation for their little ones, allowing them to enjoy both their sleep and the joy of parenthood.
  2. Although Cara currently earns money through her Amazon Affiliate store, she faces limitations regarding the products she can curate and the commissions she earns. By creating her own marketplace, she could promote a broader range of products related to baby and toddler sleep, including those from brands like Owlet, Little Unicorns, and 4moms, all of whom have Shopify stores that can easily connect to a marketplace on Vendo. This would give her more control over the products she sells and allow her to better serve her community of followers with relevant and high-quality sleep-related products.
  3. Cara's marketplace differentiation strategy could involve offering physical goods from high-quality brands alongside her digital products. By creating a one-stop-shop for baby and toddler sleep solutions, she would provide immense value to busy parents seeking convenience and trusted recommendations. This approach would also allow her to maintain consistency with her brand, streamline her marketing efforts by eliminating the need to promote multiple websites and earn higher commissions. By curating a selection of products that align with her brand's mission, Cara could establish herself as a go-to source for parents seeking reliable sleep solutions for their little ones.

2. @WhereIsBriggs

Jess is a blogger and a mom behind the parenting and travel website, Where Is Briggs (Briggs is the baby). The blog's mission is to empower parents to confidently travel with babies and toddlers, whether it's exploring a nearby park or taking an international trip. With a focus on baby and toddler travel tips, tricks, and hacks, Jess and her family share their top recommendations and advice.

Instagram: 272K followers

Youtube: 14K subscribers

TikTok: 175K followers

Amazon shop

Where Is Briggs offers reviews of travel gear like strollers, cribs, and toys, as well as suggestions for baby-friendly destinations and hotels. Jess also curates a range of products on her Amazon affiliate store and offers discount codes to her readers for other affiliate programs. Additionally, she has developed her own digital products, such as the Fly With Baby Online Course that helps parents feel more comfortable with flying with their babies. All these contribute to the blogger's income stream.

  1. Where is Briggs is solving the problem of parents who want to explore the world with their babies and toddlers but are hesitant to do so due to the challenges of traveling with young children. Jess offers valuable advice, tips, and product reviews on how to make traveling with kids easier and more enjoyable. By sharing her own experiences and insights, Jess is helping parents feel more confident and prepared to take their children on adventures.
  2. While Jess has a few sources of income from her content, including affiliate marketing and digital products, she could benefit from having her own marketplace where she could promote thoroughly curated brands and products that are related to traveling with kids. For instance, JuJuBe offers quality diaper bags and backpacks for parents on the go, 7AM Enfant specializes in baby bunting bags and stroller accessories, and LILLE Baby offers baby carriers and wraps that make traveling with a little one easier. These brands, among others, could easily integrate their Shopify stores with a Vendo marketplace.
  3. Having her own marketplace would allow Jess to offer a one-stop-shop for all travel necessities for babies and toddlers. She could focus on curating the best quality products, making it easier for busy parents to find everything they need in one place together with her digital products. By promoting brands that she truly believes in and that are relevant to her content, Jess could build even more trust with her audience and earn higher commissions. Additionally, having her own marketplace would give her more control over the user experience and allow her to further strengthen her brand as a trusted source for family travel advice and products.

3. @HiFamLife

Meet Avital, the parenting coach, designer, and mother of five behind HiFamLife. With over a decade of parenting experience and 20 years of design expertise, Avital has created an online empire that inspires millions of parents worldwide. She offers a pragmatic, tough-love approach to parenting, combating today's culture of anxiety, screen addiction, and hypersensitivity by guiding parents who want to raise anti-fragile children. Through her blog, social media channels, and podcast, Avital shares blueprints, checklists, and roadmaps that allow parents to cut corners, skip years of painful trial and error, and design a family life they love.

Instagram: 31K followers

Youtube: 96K subscribers

Amazon Shop

Regarding monetizing content, Avital's best-selling course, ReclaimPlay, is joined by a membership program that offers paid access to the most valuable of her online resources. Additionally, Avital has an Amazon Affiliate store where she earns commissions on promoted products, such as books for parents and toys for kids.

  1. Avital's content addresses a variety of problems that modern parents face in raising anti-fragile children. She offers a pragmatic, tough-love approach and teaches parents how to reclaim the lost art of play, design a purposeful home life, and strengthen the relationship between parents. Avital also combats today's culture of anxiety, screen addiction, and hypersensitivity. Overall, her content is designed to provide a roadmap for parents from all walks of life and from over 100 countries who are seeking to raise healthy, resilient children.
  2. Avital has built a successful business with her digital products, such as online courses and paid memberships, but she could increase her revenue by creating a dropshipping marketplace. While promoting physical products on Amazon has earned her some income, the selection offered and commission rates are very limited. With her own marketplace, Avital could curate a highly selected range of products that would bring more value to her audience. For example, she could offer brands such as Bannor Toys, Bella Tunno, or WeeSprout, which are all on Shopify and could easily integrate with a marketplace built on Vendo. This would not only increase her revenue but also provide her audience with consistent and highly curated products related to parenting and family life.
  3. To differentiate her marketplace, Avital could focus on offering products that align with her brand's values and mission of raising anti-fragile children. She could also prioritize featuring products from small, independent brands that are not widely available in traditional retail stores. By doing so, she could create a unique and curated shopping experience that her audience would appreciate and trust. Additionally, Avital could use her platform to educate her audience on the importance of intentional parenting and how the products in her marketplace can help them achieve their goals.

4. @FosterParenting

Laura is a foster mother from California who is on a mission to offer advice and encouragement to other foster parents. Her journey began when she started a TikTok account in June 2021, where she shares her insights on how to communicate with traumatized youth and provides practical support for becoming a foster parent, trauma-informed parenting, and navigating foster care situations. Her videos cover a range of topics, from how to welcome a child into your home to tips for conducting a house tour with a timid child. Laura's account has become a massive success, with over 800K followers - four times the number of U.S. foster homes. By sharing her knowledge and experience, Laura is empowering foster parents with the confidence they need to get started and providing them with the tools to help the children in their care thrive.

TikTok: 893K followers

Instagram: 180K followers

Youtube: 109K subscribers

Amazon Shop

T-shirt shop

Laura monetizes her platform in several ways. She sells a $30 online course on how to set up a foster home and has an Amazon affiliate store, offering resources and shopping lists for current and future foster parents. Additionally, she accepts donations from her followers through the Patreon platform and sells foster care-themed t-shirts on a print-on-demand platform called Bonfire.

  1. Laura provides valuable advice and practical support to current and future foster parents. Her content is particularly helpful for navigating the challenges of fostering children with trauma and special needs. By sharing her personal experiences and expertise, she offers guidance on how to communicate with traumatized youth, how to set up a foster home, and how to care for neurodiverse children.
  2. Adding a marketplace to Laura's content monetization methods could be a significant benefit for both her and her audience. With her knowledge and experience, she could curate a selection of high-quality products for foster parents and children that would provide even more value to her followers. For example, she could offer items such as organic baby clothes, toys, books, and other resources that are useful for foster children or parents. By partnering with established brands, such as Finn and Emma, Tubby Todd, or Green Sprouts, she could attract more potential customers to her platform while providing her followers with access to reliable and trustworthy products. By using a platform such as Vendo, she could launch her marketplace quickly by easily integrating Shopify stores from these brands and earning commissions on sales made through her platform.
  3. To differentiate her marketplace, Laura could focus on curating products specifically tailored to the needs of foster parents and children in foster care. This could include items such as trauma-informed books for children, sensory-friendly toys, and resources for parents to help them navigate the often complex foster care system. By offering a carefully curated selection of products that are both practical and meaningful, Laura could provide a valuable service to her audience while setting herself apart from other online marketplaces. She could also leverage her platform to provide educational content around the products she offers, helping foster parents make informed purchasing decisions and providing added value to her marketplace.

5. @BabySideburns

Karen Alpert, who is behind Baby Sideburns, is also a New York Times best-selling author and a humorist in the parenting world. She has gained a loyal following by sharing her relatable experiences as a mom and making her audience laugh. Karen's page is a space where she pokes fun at the struggles of parenthood, shares tips, and tricks, and provides a supportive community for fellow parents. Her approachable and witty personality has made her a favorite among parents who are looking for a dose of humor and real-life advice.

Instagram: 109K followers

Youtube: 3K subscribers

Amazon shop

Karen primarily monetizes her content through brand collaborations. With a community of almost half a million people, primarily women between the ages of 25-34, Karen has collaborated with various brands such as McDonald's, Neutrogena, Heinz, Pizza Hut, and Minute Maid. She takes great pride in her sponsored work and ensures that this kind of content is as engaging as her non-sponsored posts. She has built trust with her audience by only working with brands that she truly believes in, and less than 10% of her posts are advertisements. In addition to sponsored posts, Karen also earns commissions through her affiliate Amazon store, where she promotes products she likes and recommends.

  1. Karen brings humor and relatable content to her audience of mostly young moms. She provides a sense of community and understanding to mothers who may feel overwhelmed or stressed in their parenting journey. Through her humorous posts, Karen helps her followers find laughter in the chaos of raising children, and her authentic voice and relatable experiences make her followers feel heard and understood.
  2. Launching her own marketplace would be an excellent opportunity for Karen to expand her monetization strategy and offer her followers more valuable recommendations. She could curate a variety of fun and cool products from brands that resonate with her audience, such as Boredwalk's funny T-shirts for kids and parents, Candylab Toys' vintage wooden cars, or Artiphany's card games and puzzles for families. By using Vendo's marketplace solution, Karen could integrate with any Shopify store in minutes and provide her followers with a unique shopping experience. This would also allow her to earn higher commissions than with Amazon's affiliate program, while keeping her sponsored content at a minimum and maintaining her audience's trust.
  3. Karen could differentiate her marketplace by carefully selecting brands and products that align with her brand values and resonate with her audience. She could focus on curating a collection of unique and fun products that are not commonly found in other marketplaces. Additionally, she could offer exclusive deals or bundles that are only available through her marketplace, which would incentivize her followers to shop there.


Parenting influencers can monetize their content through brand collaborations and affiliate sales, often using Amazon's Influencer Program or other platforms. However, these methods have limitations, such as restricted product options, low commissions, and delayed payouts.

By launching their own dropshipping marketplace with the help of Vendo, influencers can overcome these challenges and take their content monetization to the next level. They can offer a broader range of curated products from brands they love, earning higher commissions and giving their followers more valuable recommendations. A Vendo marketplace can be easily integrated with any Shopify store, and there are no upfront costs.

With a dropshipping marketplace, parenting influencers like Cara, Jess, Avital, Laura, Karen, and others can differentiate themselves in the market and build their brand identity while providing real value to their audience.

7 reasons to start selling in a dropshipping model with Vendo

  1. Start selling immediately with tens of brands from Shopify
  2. No upfront investment into product design, manufacturing, and marketing
  3. No need to manage inventory or warehousing yourself
  4. Focus on the creative, customer-facing side and engage with your audience
  5. Grow faster by adding and testing new products without any additional cost
  6. Earn 20-30% sales commission from every order
  7. Get paid immediately once the customer makes a payment


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Written by
Anna Ambroszkiewicz
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