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eCommerce email customization and personalization is at the core of great marketing. Klaviyo makes it easy to send targeted messages to your marketplace customers to build brand loyalty and brand community. Getting the right message to the correct audience is crucial to building an engaged customer base that comes back for a second and third purchase.

Common Questions

Frequently asked questions

How can I customize my marketplace emails?
Yes. Choosing Klaviyo for your email marketing allows you to craft your own email templates but also gives you access to 100+ expertly built templates for email, SMS, forms, and automations — all easily customizable in Klaviyo content editor. On top of that, find inspiration in showcase examples. Browse through templates including newsletters, welcome series, crossell, and more, customized and used by actual Klaviyo customers.
Can I set up a winback email automation for my marketplace?
Yes. A winback flow re-engages customers who purchased in the past, but haven’t bought again in a while. This flow is customizable based on the products they've purchased and how many purchases they've made.
Can I set up a post-purchase email automation for my marketplace?
Yes. A post-purchase flow shows appreciation for customers and lets them know about related products they might be interested in.
What customer service, help desk, and support apps can I connect to Klaviyo?
You may easily connect Gorgias, Help Scout, Olark, Zendesk to your Klaviyo account.
Can I configure upselling marketing emails with a Klaviyo product feed for my marketplace?
With real-time dynamic Klaviyo product feed, you can send personalized recommendations based on a customer’s product interaction, items viewed, and purchase history. Just drag and drop directly into your email or SMS.
Can I set up a welcome email series automation for my marketplace?
Yes. A welcome series flow introduces subscribers to your brand and converts them into first-time customers.
Can I set up an abandoned cart email automation for my marketplace?
Yes. An abandoned cart flow converts would-be customers; this flow is customizable based on items in someone's cart and whether they're already a customer.
What shipping apps can I connect to Klaviyo?
You may easily connect AfterShip or ShipStation to your Klaviyo account.
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