One in every four dollars spent by customers online in 2022 will be on fashion products.

As an ever-growing market, there are dozens of new brands popping up as we speak, meaning there will always be an opportunity to onboard more seller in different categories.

Beyond Clothing and Apparel fashion

Most customers buy Clothing and Apparel but other big segments are Shoes, including Sneakers, Accessories and Bags, Jewelry, Eyewear and luxury goods, such as Watches.

Deliver social proof and social product recommendations

Social commerce is one of the biggest trends alongside creating niche, vertical marketplace brands centered around fashion personalization, pre-loved products, fashion inclusivity, ending modern slavery, slow fashion, organic fashion, vegan fashion, or green fashion with reduced carbon footprint.

Common Questions

Frequently asked questions

How to start an Apparel & Clothing marketplace?
Find Shopify vendors you like, send them an email invite to your marketplace, and soon after they onboard you'll be able to start selling. Fashion comes in many styles so just pick the ones you're an authority in, whether it be All-American, Beach, Biker, Hip-Hop, Goth, Hippie, Kawaii, Minimal/Minimalist, or anything else.
How to start an Eyewear marketplace?
Find Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento sellers with eyewear assortments you like, invite them by email, let Vendo take care of the hard part, and start selling on your marketplace. Eyewear comes in many shapes and sizes and serve many purposes, so there should be no shortage of angles to approach.
How to start a Watch marketplace?
Find watch makers or retailers with assortments that you like, invite them to your marketplace and start selling. Watches can range from budget items to extreme high-end, luxury pieces, so make sure your storefront reflects the quality of the pieces and your target audiences interests.
How to start a Shoes marketplace?
Shoes are not only sneakers. Pick your shoe styles, find existing brands selling them, send them an invite to your marketplace, let Vendo take care of the rest, and start selling.
How to start a Jewelry marketplace?
Find brands selling jewelry you'd like to sell, invite them to your marketplace and start selling. People will wear jewelry where ever they desire, if only you let them: Hair and Head Ornaments, Neck, Arms, Hands, Body, Feet. Explore which categories are most popular and find more brands to compliment your existing offering.
How to start a Sneakers marketplace?
Find sneakers sellers with assortments you like, invite them to your marketplace and start selling. While you might not be doing business directly with Adidas or Nike from the get-go, there are many smaller online retailers who do stock sneakers from the biggest global brands, which would allow you to create a well-rounded offering consisting of popular brands and up-and-comers.
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