Vendo is an all-in-one eCommerce solution that lets you launch an eCommerce business with no coding and no inventory of your own in 14 days or less. It comes with many useful integrations already pre-built. All that available to you at a fraction of a cost and time needed for building such a solution in-house. It works well in a D2C or a B2B model. Or a combination of both. One platform to manage your entire eCommerce business.

Let your vendors and application partners use Vendo modern API to connect their systems directly to your marketplace for real-time updates.

Vendo API consists of Storefront API and Platform API, both sharing the same JSON API format. 

Vendo Storefront API

Vendo Platform API

  • OAuth 2.0 authentication
  • Designed for building an application to application integration (warehouse management systems, ERPs, etc)
  • Permission sets based access to resources
  • Access any resource on the Vendo platform and perform any action
  • Can be accessed by apps, admin users, and vendor users (limited access to vendor resources only)

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Vendo lets anyone start an online store in under one hour with products from third party eCommerce brands fulfilling the customers' orders in a dropshipping model.
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