Connect for easy marketplace analytics and reporting

Easily relay your marketplace data to over 300 analytics, reporting, marketing, customer success, A/B testing, and data warehouse tools. Choose between hundreds of tools at your fingertips to help you make data-driven decisions, automate marketing and boost your eCommerce KPIs. Remove all the bloated tracking codes slowing your website down, dropping it in the Google search rankings and badly impacting your conversion rates. Use to rule all your tracking codes.

Start a marketplace with dozens of amazing brands as sellers

Onboard brands. Merchandise your storefront. Go live within days. Get paid. Scale up.

Connect multiple data sources to multiple destinations

Here's an example graph of the Sources and Destinations connected to Segment. Sources send data to your workspace: these are your marketplace customer and order data, payments data, shipping data, returns data. Destinations are tools which get the data, and can also include Warehouses, which just store large amounts of data for later reuse and analysis.


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How do I connect to my Vendo marketplace?

All you need to do is copy your write key into your marketplace admin dashboard. It's a completely no-code, plug-and-play connection. Here's where to find your write key:

Where can I find the full catalog of data destinations?

You'll find it here:

Does using improve my marketplace website performance?

Yes! With you need to embed only one tracking code on your website. Without, you'd need to embed 10 or 20 such tracking codes which would slow your page loading, drop your page in Google rankings and deteriorate the user experience. Adding too many tracking codes is one of the major factors deteriorating conversion rates and other eCommerce KPIs.

What are the data destination categories covered by

A/B Testing Ad retargeting Advertising Analytics Attribution Automated Testing BI Tools CRM Customer Success Deep Linking Email Email Marketing Enrichment Experimentation Feature Flagging Heatmaps & Recordings Helpdesk Learning Management System Livechat Marketing Automation Mobile Ott Payments Performance Marketing Performance Monitoring Personalization Raw Data Reach Enablement Platform Referrals SMS & Push Notifications Security & Fraud Server Storage Destinations Surveys Tag Managers User acquisition Video Warehouse

What marketplace A/B testing apps can I use with Segment?

2mee AB Smartly AB Tasty client side Algolia Insights Apptimize ConvertFlow Criteo Offline Conversions Experiments by GrowthHackers Exponea Freshmarketer FunnelEnvy GraphJSON Insider Kameleoon LaunchDarkly (Actions) Leanplum Markettailor Modern Pricing Monetate Mutiny Ninetailed Optimizely Full Stack Optimizely Web Personyze PostHog Proof Experiences Split Statsig Tamber Taplytics Trackier Vespucci Visual Website Optimizer

What marketplace Analytics and Reporting apps can I use with Segment?

Analytics AB Smartly Adobe Analytics AdQuick Adtriba Alexa Algolia Insights Amazon Kinesis Amazon Kinesis Firehose Amazon Kinesis Firehose Amplitude Amplitude (Actions) Anodot Asayer Auryc AWS S3 Beamer Blendo Blitzllama Breyta CRM Bucket BuzzBoard ByteGai BytePlus Calixa Candu Chartbeat ClearBrain Clicky Cliff comScore Correlated Countly CrowdPower Cruncher CustomerSuccessBox Data Lakes Emarsys EMMA EPICA Everflow Experiments by GrowthHackers Exponea Facebook App Events FactorsAI Firebase Flurry FoxMetrics FullStory FunnelFox Gainsight Gainsight PX Gameball Gauges Google Analytics 4 Google Cloud Storage Google Enhanced Conversions Google Universal Analytics GoSquared GraphJSON Groundswell HeadsUp AI Heap HitTail Houseware HubSpot hydra Indicative Inkit journy io June Kameleoon Keen KISSmetrics Kitemetrics Kubit Lantern Librato Localytics Lytics Madkudu Matomo Mixpanel Mixpanel (Actions) MoEngage Mutiny New Relic Nielsen DCR Ninetailed Orb Parsely Pendo Pointillist PostHog ProfitWell ProsperStack Quantcast Refersion Retina Richpanel Rokt ScopeAI Screeb Scuba Analytics SegMetrics Serenytics Sherlock SIGNL4 Alerting Singular Skalin SlicingDice Smartlook Spideo Split Sprig Cloud Startdeliver Statsig Stories Stormly Strikedeck Survicate Swrve Tamber Tractionboard TrafficGuard Treasure Data Unwaffle UserIQ Vespucci Vidora WalkMe WebEngage Wigzo Windsor Woopra Xtremepush Yandex Metrica Youbora

What marketplace Customer Success apps can I use with Segment?

2mee AdQuick Asayer Beamer Blitzllama Breyta CRM Calixa Candu ChurnZero ClientSuccess Correlated Courier Crisp Crossing Minds Custify CustomerSuccessBox Elevio Emarsys Engage Messaging EnjoyHQ Gainsight Gainsight PX GraphJSON Groundswell Hawkei HeadsUp AI Help Scout Houseware hydra Inkit Intercom Jimo journy io Kustomer Learndot Lou Moesif API Analytics Nat Natero Noora Planhat ProsperStack Ramen Recombee AI Refiner Retentive Retently Richpanel SaaSquatch v2 Salescamp CRM Salesmachine SatisMeter Savio ScopeAI Screeb Scuba Analytics Sherlock Skalin Slack Slack (Actions) Slack (Actions) Snapboard Sprig Cloud Startdeliver Stonly Stormly Strikedeck Talon.One Totango Trustpilot Unwaffle Upcall UserIQ UserVoice Vitally Voucherify WalkMe Windsor Zendesk Zopim

What marketplace Email Marketing apps can I use with Segment?

ActiveCampaign Airship Attentive Mobile AutopilotApp AutopilotHQ Braze Braze Cloud Mode (Actions) Braze Web Device Mode (Actions) Bronto Courier Crisp Crossing Minds CrowdPower (Actions) Digioh Drip Eloqua Emarsys Engage Messaging Exponea Extole Platform Freshmarketer Gainsight PX Gist HubSpot hydra Inflection Insider Intercom Iterable Jivox Kahuna KISSmetrics Klaviyo Leanplum MailChimp Mailjet Mailmodo Marketo Static Lists Marketo V2 MoEngage Moosend Movable Ink Nudgespot OneSignal (New) Pardot PersistIQ Personyze Recombee AI Responsys Sailthru v2 Salescamp CRM Salesforce Marketing Cloud Selligent Marketing Cloud Swrve Talon.One Trustpilot UserIQ Userlist Vero Voucherify WebEngage Wigzo Wishpond Xtremepush Zaius Zendesk Connect
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