Enabling women-led eCommerce businesses

Released on 
Mar 21, 2022
5 min read
Written by
Mike Faber
The ugly truth is that women founders have to try harder and take rejection more often than their male counterparts.

It is a well researched, reported, and widely recognized fact that there is a gender gap when it comes to raising VC money. Especially in the multi-vendor marketplace space which is quite complex and capital intensive. Vendo changes that by empowering women founders the most.

Finding market traction is so much easier with Vendo

Startup founders choose to build their marketplace businesses using Vendo in order to cut their time-to-market and focus on realizing their vision instead of managing underlying eCommerce technology.

Vendo facilitates eCommerce entrepreneurial efforts by automating and streamlining complex back-office processes that make the marketplace world go round.

It allows you to launch a marketplace at a fraction of the cost of custom development and within weeks instead of months. Finding market traction is so much easier with Vendo.

Women founders get only 2% of venture capital dollars

Despite top-selling eCommerce categories, such as fashion, home decor, health & beauty,  being women-driven, it is often hard for marketplace women founders to build their business because of the capital-intensive marketplace development process and the gender funding gap.

According to both Pitchbook and Crunchbase latest studies, only 2% of venture capital dollars invested in 2021 went to female-founded companies.

Women founders create jobs

According to a new report from Citigroup cited by CNBC, “achieving gender parity in business growth could boost global gross domestic product by as much as $2 trillion, or 2% to 3% of global GDP. Gender equality could also generate between 288 million and 433 million jobs.”

Bootstrapped eCommerce business make a difference not only for their customers shopping the highly curated product catalog but more importantly for the small brands searching to widen their audience and marketing exposure.

Indirectly, online marketplaces will create business opportunities and new jobs.

How Vendo supports women founders

What Vendo brings to the table for women marketplace founders is demonstrable market traction much faster, at a much lower initial cost, and with much better cost-efficiency of daily marketplace operations.

All of which are self-explanatory and in high demand among VC investors, even those who can’t personally relate to the lifestyle, fashion, or beauty women-led businesses.

About Author

Mike Faber is a co-founder of Vendo in charge of marketing, sales and customer success. Building marketplaces and B2B platforms for 10+ years.

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