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Sep 12, 2023

Vulture affiliate program success tripled

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Vulture is a widely recognized online publishing platform that operates as a part of New York Magazine. Vulture has found success in leveraging affiliate links to monetize. With Vendo,  online media businesses may unlock sales commissions three to five times higher by launching their own  dropshipping marketplace. Here's a closer look at how this strategy unfolds.


Vendo is a one-stop-shop for all your marketplace needs, providing you with a marketplace platform automating day-to-day operation, a catalog of brands to pick from or an ability to invite your own brands, merchandising and promotional tools, ability to sell through multiple channels (your existing website, emails & SMS, mobile app, social media), and ongoing daily support scaling your marketplace business.   

Vulture’s Pioneering Excellence in Digital Entertainment 

The vibrant website, which is connected to New York Magazine, has become a major player in the constantly changing field of pop culture and entertainment journalism. has made a name for itself since its founding by providing incisive commentary, in-depth analysis, and a wide range of content including movies, TV shows, music, books, and more.

Vulture as an online publishing powerhouse is rooted in its ability to adapt to the swiftly changing digital media landscape. Ensuring content remains relevant and engaging, the platform has cultivated a devoted readership with its commitment to delivering high-quality perspectives on the latest trends in entertainment.

It serves a diverse range of fans, including movie buffs, business executives, and those looking for in-depth analyses of contemporary entertainment. 

The readership of the platform is deeply impacted by its unique blend of wit, depth, and authoritative criticism, which fosters a sense of trust and devotion.

Tailored Content Strategies & Extensive Research

To start a publishing business like, you need to do careful research. Find a special topic or area that hasn't been covered much, so you can make a website that's just right for a certain group of people. Use data and information about what your audience likes to create content that works well for them. Understanding what people want is key to making a successful website.

To be successful like Vulture, it's important to keep up with new ideas and use the latest technology. Making sure your website works well on phones, including different kinds of media, and being easy for people to use all make for a great online experience. 

Another element which adds up in its success shows how important it is to make money in different ways. While marketing that earns money is a big part, trying other things like working with partners, having sponsored content, and selling things online can help make even more money.

Vendo Helps you Monetize Online Audience

These are just a few but important factors why Vulture enjoys the position as a beacon of achievement in the online publishing sphere. Its capacity to engage and serve a diverse audience underscores the importance of tailored content strategies, innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality. 

But there’s another way to monetize your online audience which might be even more rewarding.

Starting your own multi-brand marketplace on Vendo could, at a minimum, triple your revenue elevating it to 20-30%. That’s 3-5x more than with affiliate programs.


  • Book a demo call: We’ll set up your demo marketplace and populate it with products
  • Customize your Storefront: We’ll help you craft a storefront that aligns with your branding guidelines,
  • Onboard Brands: Invite your favorite brands or choose brands from the Vendo brand catalog. We can also start reaching out to brands you’d like to sell on your behalf.
  • Select Products: Curate product collections manually or automate the process to efficiently manage your catalog and meet customer demand.
  • Embed products: Make your editorial content shoppable with products embedded right where your customers expect them to find. Simplify and streamline product discovery.
  • Start Selling Programmatically: Push products through multiple touch points: on your website, share it on social media, and include products in your newsletters. 
  • Get Paid: Get paid as soon as products are shipped by the brands. No need to wait 30-60 days or worry about orders not attributable to your affiliate links.
  • Get Repeat Sales: Since you’re not linking out, your customers will keep coming back. We’ll help them with abandoned cart emails and promotional email blasts. 


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