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Mar 23, 2023

Vivino mobile app case study

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The Vivino mobile app, accessible on both Android and Apple devices, provides personalized wine recommendations and stands as the world's largest online wine marketplace. An app like Vivino could effortlessly integrate in-app shopping through Vendo to add another revenue source. Add Vendo to your mobile app through a WebView to develop your own in-app marketplace, allowing users to browse and buy remarkable products from local brands, while earning a commission on each transaction.


Vendo is your one-stop-shop for managing your marketplace, providing a platform that streamlines day-to-day operations, a range of brands to select from or the opportunity to invite your own brands, merchandising and promotional tools, the capability to sell through various channels (your existing website, emails & SMS, mobile app, social media), and continuous daily support for expanding your marketplace business.

Success factors of Vivino mobile app

Community-Driven Recommendations: Vivino's success is fueled by its community-driven approach, leveraging user-generated data to provide personalized wine recommendations and ratings that resonate with users.

Accessible Wine Discovery: The app's accessibility and user-friendly interface enable effortless wine discovery, catering to enthusiasts of all levels of expertise and contributing to a broad user base.

Data-Driven Personalization: Vivino's use of data analytics and machine learning to offer personalized wine suggestions based on individual preferences and community insights enhances user satisfaction and engagement.

Comprehensive Wine Marketplace: Vivino's position as the world's largest online wine marketplace provides users with a diverse selection of wines, contributing to its success as a one-stop destination for wine enthusiasts.

Mobile Platform Availability: The availability of the Vivino app on both Android and Apple devices ensures broad accessibility, reaching a wide audience and contributing to its widespread adoption.

Engaging User Experience: The app's engaging and intuitive user experience, coupled with features such as label scanning and wine reviews, enhances user interaction and retention.

Social Networking Features: Vivino's social networking elements, including user profiles, community discussions, and sharing capabilities, foster a sense of belonging and interaction among wine enthusiasts.

Global Reach: Vivino's global presence and appeal cater to a diverse audience, offering localized content, language support, and wine selections from around the world.

Monetization Strategies: Successful monetization strategies, such as premium features, e-commerce integrations, and partnerships with wineries and retailers, contribute to the app's financial success.

Continuous Innovation: Vivino's commitment to continuous innovation, evidenced by regular updates, new features, and strategic partnerships, ensures its relevance in a dynamic market and sustains user engagement.

Suggestions for Vivino mobile app's growth

Enhanced Personalization: Further refine personalized wine recommendations by integrating user feedback, refining algorithms, and incorporating advanced machine learning to better understand individual preferences.

Expanded Social Features: Introduce enhanced social networking features, such as wine tasting events, virtual sommelier consultations, and user-generated content challenges, to foster a vibrant and engaged community within the app.

Wine Education Resources: Develop comprehensive wine education resources, including articles, videos, and interactive courses, to empower users with knowledge and enhance their appreciation of wine.

Exclusive Wine Partnerships: Forge exclusive partnerships with vineyards, wineries, and distributors to offer unique and limited-edition wines, providing users with access to sought-after selections and enhancing the app's appeal.

Gamification Elements: Implement gamification elements, such as wine tasting challenges, achievement badges, and rewards for active participation, to incentivize user engagement and exploration of new wines.

Local Wine Experiences: Introduce features that highlight local and regional wines, wineries, and tasting events, catering to users' interest in exploring diverse and authentic wine experiences.

Wine-Related E-commerce: Expand e-commerce capabilities within the app to facilitate seamless wine purchases, including options for direct ordering, delivery tracking, and personalized recommendations for purchasing.

Wine Tourism Integration: Partner with travel and tourism platforms to integrate wine tourism experiences, offering users the opportunity to discover and visit vineyards, wine regions, and wine-related destinations.

Sustainability Focus: Incorporate sustainability-focused initiatives, such as eco-friendly wine selections, carbon footprint information, and partnerships with environmentally conscious wineries, aligning with user interest in sustainable practices.

Voice and Visual Search: Integrate advanced search capabilities, including voice and visual search features, to streamline wine discovery and enhance the overall user experience with intuitive and innovative search options.

Suggestions for other businesses to replicate Vivino’s success

Community Engagement: Emphasize community engagement by leveraging user-generated content, ratings, and reviews to create a sense of belonging and trust within the user base.

Personalization and Recommendations: Prioritize personalized recommendations based on user preferences, leveraging data analytics and machine learning to enhance the user experience and drive engagement.

Accessible User Interface: Develop an intuitive and accessible user interface to ensure that users of varying expertise levels can easily navigate the platform or app, fostering broad user adoption.

Global Wine Selection: Curate a diverse and extensive selection of products to cater to a global audience, offering localized content and language support to appeal to users worldwide.

Mobile Platform Accessibility: Ensure availability on both Android and Apple devices to maximize reach and accessibility, capturing a broad user base across different mobile platforms.

Social Networking Integration: Incorporate social networking features that facilitate user interaction, content sharing, and community-building within the platform or app, fostering a vibrant user ecosystem.

Data-Driven Insights: Utilize data analytics to provide personalized recommendations, content curation, and targeted experiences, enhancing user satisfaction and driving retention.

Partnerships with Wine Industry: Forge strategic partnerships with vineyards, wineries, and distributors to offer exclusive products, experiences, and promotional collaborations that add value for users.

Educational Resources: Provide comprehensive educational resources related to the industry or niche, empowering users with knowledge and enhancing their engagement with the platform or app.

Continuous Innovation: Commit to continuous innovation through regular updates, new features, and strategic partnerships to stay relevant in a dynamic market and sustain user engagement.

Optimize your mobile app's ARPU with Vendo, empowering users to browse and order incredible products from domestic brands. Triple your affiliate sales commission to 20-30%, providing 3-5 times more earnings than with most affiliate links.


  • Book a demo call: We’ll set up your demo marketplace and populate it with products
  • Customize your marketplace: We’ll help you craft a marketplace that aligns with your branding guidelines,
  • Onboard Brands: Invite your favorite brands or choose brands from the Vendo brand catalog. We can also start reaching out to brands you’d like to sell on your behalf.
  • Select Products: Curate product collections manually or automate the process to efficiently manage your catalog and meet customer demand.
  • Embed products: Make your editorial content shoppable with products embedded right where your customers expect them to find. Simplify and streamline product discovery.
  • Start Selling Programmatically: Push products through multiple touch points: on your website, share it on social media, and include products in your newsletters. 
  • Get Paid: Get paid as soon as products are shipped by the brands. No need to wait 30-60 days or worry about orders not attributable to your affiliate links.
  • Get Repeat Sales: Since you’re not linking out, your customers will keep coming back. We’ll help them with abandoned cart emails and promotional email blasts. 


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