Feb 14, 2023

Top Products on TikTok: Valentine's Day

Written by
Mike Faber

"Discover winning products in your region and category" reads the caption. Ahead of Valentine's Day, TikTok data proves that once men make up their mind, they buy any ring they see. The most popular product category on TikTok in the past 30 days was Makeup & Perfume and the most popular products were Casual Dresses. But what real men like to see the most, with over 66% of users watching a product add for at least 6 seconds, are Hand Power Tool Accessories. Ladies tend to watch Hair Extensions & Wigs most often.


Top Valentine's Day Product Categories on TikTok

Some things change and others don't. Makeup & Perfume and Skincare are the top ad and shopping categories on TikTok throughout the year proving they have a perfect fit for that visual, short-form medium. Valentine's probably only amplifies that trend.

The third place category changes with bathing products sold in the summer and snacks popular in the winter, as big corporate budgets follow the customers needs. Some other categories, like fashion and hair related, jump in and out of the third place.

What's interesting is comparing various metrics across categories:

  • Makeup & Perfume and Skincare are selling relatively well
  • Fashion Accessories, Personal Care, Bedding and Dresses have been selling extremely well
  • Snacks products have big ad budgets but are not selling too well with CPA at a ridiculous level of $100-200 making it a mostly branding exercise
  • Fashion outperforms Snack despite its total budget almost half the size of Snacks budget
  • In the wintertime hardly anyone wants to buy Bath & Body Care products pushed by big corporate budgets

Top Valentine's Day Products on TikTok

Some take aways:

  • When ladies see the dress they really like, there's no stopping them (CVR=8%, CPA=$11.8). Taking into account the average order value, it must be good business.
  • Cases, Screen Protectors and other accessories sell well, given the mobile-first demographics, but at twice the cost compared to Casual Dresses. It's a good thing these products are relatively cheap to manufacture, ship around the world and deliver to the customer.
  • All that men need for Valentine's is a t-shirt. Just one.
  • Once a guy makes up his mind and clicks on a random Ring ad (CTR=0.85%), it sells extremely easily (CPV=23.68%, CPA=4.89 USD)

Valentine's Day shopping curiosities on TikTok

Here are some misc data points that should tell you something about TikTok shoppers.

3 products that just serve a purpose, so any will do

If you're going to fix a burning need and spontaneously buy something from TikTok ahead of Valentine's, it's most probably going to be:

  • any Kitchen Mixer will do, because it'll give you time to use all these beauty products (CTR=0.51%, CVR=100%, CPA=0.28 USD, Ad spend=18K USD)
  • Facial Beauty Devices, because you need to sit opposite of your Valentine (CTR=0.82%, CVR=100%, CPA=0.91 USD, Ad spend=251K USD)
  • Chairs, because you need to sit your Valentine opposite of you (CTR=4.27%, CVR=54.29%, CPA=0.30 USD, Ad spend=121k)

Get any mixer to prepare whatever dinner, get all pretty in the meantime, sit down and eat whatever comes out. It's the company that counts!

5 products that simply will not sell on TikTok

Don't keep your hopes up if you're selling these products. You will burn your ad spend and not get any customers.

  • Non-Dairy Milk - CPA=49.7K USD, Ad spend=246K USD
  • Dusters & Duster Heads - CPA=38.6K USD, Ad spend=39K USD
  • Beans & Grains - CPA=36.1K USD, Ad spend=36K USD
  • Herbs, Spices & Seasonings - CPA=25.6K USD, Ad spend=26K USD
  • Sanitary Towels - CPA=15.3K USD, Ad spend=43K USD

Looks like parents are too busy to use TikTok because they're cleaning up after their teenage kids while drinking coffee with regular milk from a local store.


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Written by
Mike Faber
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