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Aug 16, 2023

The New Yorker Affiliate Revenue Success Tripled

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The New Yorker, an iconic publication celebrated for its literary and cultural contributions, stands out for its insightful content and engaging storytelling. The New Yorker strategically employs affiliate links to monetize its extensive readership. Sales commissions, particularly derived from content such as thought-provoking articles, literary reviews, and recommended products, constitute a significant and evolving revenue stream for media enterprises.

With the integration of Vendo, The New Yorker has the potential to significantly enhance its sales commissions—potentially experiencing a 3-5x increase—by seamlessly incorporating shoppable products and a user-friendly shopping experience into its platform. This strategic move not only expands opportunities for revenue growth but also provides The New Yorker's audience with a more interactive and seamless way to engage with products and services recommended in their favorite cultural and literary content. Here's how this integration could unfold for The New Yorker.


Simplify your marketplace journey with Vendo – the one-stop-shop that covers it all. From an automated platform for day-to-day operations to a curated brand catalog (or the ability to invite your own), merchandising tools, and the option to sell through multiple channels, Vendo is committed to ongoing daily support for your growing marketplace business.

Embrace innovation with Vendo – unlike traditional affiliate links, it excels in maintaining prolonged visitor engagement, safeguarding customer data, and maximizing opportunities for upselling.

Unlocking Success in Digital Publishing

The New Yorker, founded in 1925, is an iconic American magazine known for its sophisticated and diverse content, spanning literature, journalism, fiction, and visual arts. With a reputation for intellectual depth and cultural commentary, The New Yorker has become a staple in the world of print and digital journalism.

Success Factors of The New Yorker

Literary Excellence and Cultural Commentary:

A key success factor for The New Yorker is its commitment to literary excellence and cultural commentary. The magazine publishes high-quality writing that delves into a wide range of topics, offering readers thoughtful perspectives on current events, arts, and society.

Long-Form Journalism and In-Depth Reporting:

The New Yorker is renowned for its long-form journalism and in-depth reporting. The platform invests in extensive research and storytelling, producing articles that provide deep insights into complex issues and events.

Fiction and Creative Writing:

The inclusion of fiction and creative writing sets The New Yorker apart. The magazine publishes short stories, poetry, and essays, showcasing a commitment to the arts and contributing to a diverse and engaging reading experience.

Political Cartoons and Illustrations:

The New Yorker's use of political cartoons and illustrations is a distinctive feature. The magazine's visual storytelling complements its written content, adding humor, satire, and artistic expression to its pages.

Iconic Cover Art and Design:

The New Yorker is known for its iconic cover art and design. Each cover is a carefully curated visual representation of the magazine's themes, often reflecting current events or cultural nuances. This attention to aesthetics enhances the overall reading experience.

Intellectual Tone and Editorial Independence:

The magazine maintains an intellectual tone and editorial independence. The New Yorker is known for its unique voice, which combines wit, sophistication, and a commitment to independent journalism, resonating with readers who appreciate intellectual discourse.

Regular Columns and Features:

The New Yorker features regular columns and recurring sections, such as "Talk of the Town" and "Shouts & Murmurs," providing readers with a mix of commentary, humor, and personal essays. These sections contribute to the magazine's diverse content offerings.

Thoughtful Criticism and Reviews:

The platform provides thoughtful criticism and reviews across various cultural domains, including literature, film, theater, and art. The New Yorker's critical assessments contribute to shaping cultural conversations and guiding readers in their cultural consumption.

Digital Expansion and Online Presence:

Embracing digital expansion, The New Yorker has a strong online presence. The magazine's website features a mix of articles, multimedia content, and interactive elements, ensuring accessibility for a diverse and global readership.

Engaging Podcasts and Multimedia Content:

The New Yorker produces engaging podcasts and multimedia content. These formats complement its traditional written articles, providing additional ways for readers to engage with the magazine's content and personalities.

The New Yorker's Audience and Value Proposition

Understanding the Audience:

The New Yorker's audience consists of intellectually curious individuals who appreciate literary excellence, cultural commentary, and in-depth journalism. The magazine attracts readers interested in a sophisticated exploration of current events, arts, and society.

Value Proposition:

The New Yorker's value proposition lies in offering a curated and diverse reading experience. The magazine provides intellectual depth, cultural insights, and a mix of fiction and non-fiction content, appealing to those seeking a thought-provoking and well-rounded publication.

Categories of Value:

  • Literary Excellence: The New Yorker is synonymous with literary excellence, providing readers with well-crafted writing across various genres.
  • Cultural Commentary: The magazine offers cultural commentary and analysis, guiding readers through the complexities of current events and societal trends.

Suggestions for Replicating Success:

Prioritize Literary Excellence: Uphold a commitment to literary excellence, investing in well-crafted writing and storytelling that resonates with a diverse audience.

Invest in Long-Form Journalism: Embrace long-form journalism and in-depth reporting, providing readers with comprehensive insights into complex issues and events.

Include Fiction and Creative Writing: Incorporate fiction, poetry, and creative writing to add diversity and depth to the content, contributing to a richer reading experience.

Embrace Political Cartoons and Illustrations: Utilize political cartoons and illustrations to complement written content, adding visual appeal, humor, and artistic expression.

Curate Iconic Cover Art and Design: Pay attention to cover art and design, ensuring that each cover reflects the magazine's themes and resonates with readers on a visual level.

Maintain an Intellectual Tone: Uphold an intellectual tone and editorial independence, fostering a unique voice that combines wit, sophistication, and a commitment to independent journalism.

Feature Regular Columns and Sections: Include regular columns and recurring sections to provide readers with a mix of commentary, humor, and personal essays, contributing to a diverse content offering.

Provide Thoughtful Criticism and Reviews: Offer thoughtful criticism and reviews across various cultural domains, guiding readers in their cultural consumption and contributing to cultural conversations.

Embrace Digital Expansion: Embrace digital expansion with a strong online presence, ensuring that the magazine's content is accessible to a global audience through its website and other digital platforms.

Produce Engaging Podcasts and Multimedia Content: Develop engaging podcasts and multimedia content to complement traditional written articles, providing diverse ways for readers to engage with the magazine's content and personalities.

In conclusion, The New Yorker's success is built on its commitment to literary excellence, cultural commentary, and a diverse mix of content. Replicating this success involves maintaining a sophisticated and unique voice, embracing digital platforms, and continually offering readers a well-rounded and thought-provoking reading experience.

Nonetheless, there's an alternative approach to monetize your online audience that may bring even more satisfaction.

By starting your own multi-brand marketplace on Vendo, you could see a minimum threefold increase in your affiliate sales commission, reaching a substantial 20-30%. This stands as 3-5 times more than what you'd typically earn through affiliate links.

Furthermore, the increased time users spend on your pages translates to enhanced customer data retention for building your email list, opening doors to numerous prospects for future upselling endeavors."


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  • Get Repeat Sales: Since you’re not linking out, your customers will keep coming back. We’ll help them with abandoned cart emails and promotional email blasts. 


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