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Oct 19, 2023

The Legacy Affiliate Revenue Success Tripled

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Legacy is a comprehensive online platform that specializes in hosting obituaries and memorials for individuals who have passed away. It serves as a digital space where families and friends can create personalized tributes, share memories, and offer condolences to honor the lives of their loved ones. The website partners with newspapers and funeral homes to provide a centralized location for obituaries, making it convenient for people to find and pay their respects to those who have passed. 

Legacy offers a meaningful way for individuals to preserve and share the legacies of their departed family members and friends, creating a lasting online memorial for future generations to remember and cherish.


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Success factors for The Legacy 

User-Friendly Platform: Providing a seamless and intuitive platform for users to create and access online obituaries and memorials easily.

Comprehensive Services: Offering a wide range of features and tools to help users customize tributes, share memories, and connect with others in their time of loss.

Partnerships: Collaborating with newspapers, funeral homes, and other organizations to expand reach and provide a broader network for hosting obituaries.

Community Engagement: Fostering a supportive and compassionate online community where users can share condolences, stories, and support each other during times of grief.

Reliability and Trust: Ensuring accurate and respectful handling of obituaries and memorials to maintain trust with users and uphold the dignity of those being honored.

Innovation: Staying up-to-date with technology trends to enhance the user experience, introduce new features, and adapt to the evolving needs of users.

Customer Support: Providing responsive and empathetic customer service to assist users with creating and managing online memorials.

Privacy and Security: Implementing robust privacy measures to protect sensitive information shared on the platform and ensure a safe environment for users.

Sensitivity and Compassion: Demonstrating empathy and understanding in all interactions with users, recognizing the emotional nature of creating memorials for loved ones.

Feedback and Improvement: Actively seeking feedback from users to continuously improve services, address user needs, and enhance the overall experience on the platform.

Evaluation of Legacy value proposition and audience

Value Proposition:

Online Memorial Services: Legacy offers a platform for creating online obituaries and memorials, providing a digital space for families and friends to honor and remember their loved ones who have passed away.

Customization and Personalization: The platform allows users to customize tributes, share memories, and offer condolences, creating a personalized and meaningful experience for commemorating the lives of the departed.

Partnerships and Reach: Legacy partners with newspapers and funeral homes to host online obituaries, expanding its reach and making it easier for users to find and pay respects to their loved ones.

Compassionate Support: Legacy provides a supportive and compassionate environment where users can share stories, condolences, and support one another during times of grief.


Bereaved Families and Friends: The primary audience of Legacy includes bereaved families and friends looking to create online memorials and honor the lives of their departed loved ones.

Funeral Homes: Legacy's audience also includes funeral homes seeking to provide additional services to clients by offering online obituary hosting and memorialization options.

Newspapers and Media Outlets: Legacy partners with newspapers and media outlets, catering to an audience seeking to publish obituaries and memorials in digital formats.

Supportive Community: Legacy attracts users looking to engage with a supportive online community where they can share memories, express condolences, and find comfort during the mourning process.

Suggestions for replicating success

User-Centric Approach: Prioritize user experience by offering a user-friendly platform that allows for easy creation and access to online memorials.

Comprehensive Services: Provide a range of features and tools for customization, sharing memories, and connecting with others to create meaningful tributes.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Forge partnerships with relevant organizations such as funeral homes and newspapers to expand reach and offer a broader network for hosting obituaries.

Community Building: Foster a supportive and empathetic online community where users can share condolences, stories, and support during times of grief.

Innovation and Technology: Stay abreast of technological advancements to enhance the user experience, introduce new features, and adapt to evolving user needs.

Privacy and Security: Implement robust privacy measures to protect sensitive information shared on the platform and ensure a secure environment for users.

Feedback Mechanism: Actively seek feedback from users to understand their needs, improve services, and enhance the overall user experience.

Empathy and Sensitivity: Demonstrate empathy, compassion, and sensitivity in all interactions with users, recognizing the emotional nature of creating memorials for loved ones.

Continuous Improvement: Strive for continuous improvement by analyzing user feedback, identifying areas for enhancement, and implementing changes to better serve the audience.

Marketing and Promotion: Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to raise awareness about the platform, reach a wider audience, and attract new users seeking online memorial services.

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