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Oct 13, 2023

The Iconic multi-vendor marketplace success

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If you're on the hunt for the latest fashion trends without leaving your couch, The Iconic is your one-stop online fashion destination. This Australian-based online marketplace offers a wide array of clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products for both men and women.

Vendo makes it easier and more cost-effective than ever to kickstart your own multi-vendor marketplace. You can commence selling products from a variety of vendors and get your marketplace up and running within a matter of days, all without the hassle of handling inventory and shipping.

Vendo operates using an efficient dropshipping model, taking away the logistical intricacies and enabling you to concentrate on expanding your marketplace.


A Quick Peek into the Past

The Iconic came into the online scene back in 2011, and since then, it's been giving brick-and-mortar stores a run for their money. Born in Sydney, this fashion hub started with a simple mission: make fashion accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere. It was like bringing the mall to your doorstep, 24/7.

From Small Beginnings to Big Success

Over the years, The Iconic didn't just ride the wave; it became the wave itself. It grew by leaps and bounds, offering customers an extensive selection of top-notch brands, fast deliveries, and easy returns. With a user-friendly website and a wide variety of products, they made it easy for people to find what they wanted. The Iconic wasn't just about selling clothes; it was about selling convenience.

The Secret Sauce to The Iconic's Success

So, what's the secret recipe behind The Iconic's success? A few key ingredients:

Speedy Delivery

They understood that in the world of online shopping, waiting is a no-go. They've mastered the art of delivering fashion at lightning speed.

Big Brand Lineup

By partnering with a slew of big-name brands and offering a vast selection, they cater to various tastes and budgets.

Easy Returns

They made returning items as painless as possible, removing one of the common barriers to online shopping.

User-Friendly Interface

Browsing and shopping on their website is a breeze. They make sure that even the not-so-tech-savvy folks can easily navigate.

Customer Service

The Iconic knows that happy customers are repeat customers. Their customer service team is on point, helping shoppers with questions or concerns.

Replicating The Iconic's Success

Want to start your own online marketplace? The Iconic's journey offers valuable lessons:

Understand Your Audience

Know who you're selling to and what they want. The Iconic tapped into the demand for easy and convenient fashion.

Keep It User-Friendly

Make sure your website is a piece of cake to navigate. Nobody likes to struggle when shopping.

Partner with Big Names

Collaborate with established brands to gain trust and credibility.

Fast and Reliable Service

Speedy deliveries and easy returns can set you apart.

Listen to Your Customers

Don't just hear them; really listen. Address their concerns and feedback.

The Iconic has shown that the world of online marketplaces is vast and full of opportunities. With a solid plan and a dash of determination, you could be well on your way to creating the next big thing in online shopping. So, go ahead, and take that leap into the digital marketplace world. Who knows? You might just become the next iconic success story.

Get started with a marketplace like The Iconic on Vendo!

How to quickly start your own multi-vendor marketplace on Vendo and go live in just a few days

  1. Sign Up and Start a Free Trial: Begin by signing up for Vendo's free trial to explore its features and capabilities.
  2. Configure a Storefront: Create a storefront that aligns with your brand identity, ensuring a cohesive and on-brand appearance.
  3. Onboard Brands: Invite your preferred brands or choose from Vendo's brand catalog to enrich your product offerings.
  4. Select Products: Curate product collections manually or automate the process to efficiently manage your catalog and meet customer demands.
  5. Start Selling: Link to your marketplace on your website, share it on social media, and include it in your newsletters to reach a broader audience.
  6. Get Paid Quickly: Get paid as soon as products are shipped by the vendors.


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