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Oct 20, 2023

onxMaps mobile app case study

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onXmaps mobile app, a Montana-based company, provides tailored GPS and mapping technologies for outdoor enthusiasts, leveraging nationwide data to enhance the outdoor experience. Implementing in-app shopping with Vendo could effortlessly create a new source of revenue for an app akin to onXmaps. Add Vendo to your mobile app through a WebView to establish an in-app marketplace, allowing users to explore and purchase products from domestic brands, while earning a commission for each transaction.


Seeking a comprehensive solution for your marketplace requirements? Look no further than Vendo. Its marketplace platform automates day-to-day operations, offers a wide selection of brands or the ability to invite your own brands, provides effective merchandising and promotional tools, facilitates selling through multiple channels (including your existing website, emails & SMS, mobile app, and social media), and delivers ongoing daily support to help you scale your marketplace business.

Success factors of onXmaps mobile app

Customized Mapping: Success is driven by onXmaps' ability to provide customized mapping technologies tailored to diverse outdoor activities, offering users personalized and relevant information.

Utilization of Nationwide Data: Leveraging nationwide data on property ownership, trails, and land use contributes to the app's success by ensuring comprehensive and accurate information for outdoor enthusiasts.

User-Centric Design: Success is attributed to the app's user-centric design, which prioritizes intuitive interfaces and user experience, catering to the specific needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

Continuous User Feedback Integration: onXmaps' success is fueled by its practice of incorporating user feedback and back-country experience to continuously improve and refine its products, ensuring relevance and appeal.

Advanced GPS Technologies: The app's utilization of world-class GPS technologies enhances its success by providing accurate and reliable location-based services for users engaged in off-pavement activities.

Comprehensive Property Information: Providing detailed and up-to-date property ownership information contributes to the app's success by empowering users with valuable insights for outdoor exploration and navigation.

Permitted Land Use Data: Success is driven by onXmaps' inclusion of permitted land use data, enabling users to make informed decisions about where they can engage in outdoor activities legally and responsibly.

Offline Access Capabilities: The app's offline access feature contributes to its success by allowing users to access mapping and GPS functionalities even in areas with limited or no network connectivity, enhancing usability.

Integration of Trail Information: Success is attributed to the app's integration of trail data, enabling users to discover, plan, and navigate outdoor adventures with access to comprehensive trail information.

Engagement with Outdoor Community: onXmaps' success is fueled by its engagement with the outdoor community, fostering a sense of belonging and trust among users through shared experiences, knowledge, and support.

Suggestions for onXmaps mobile app's growth

Expanded Outdoor Activity Coverage: Expand the app's coverage to include a wider range of outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, and wildlife viewing, catering to a broader audience of outdoor enthusiasts.

Interactive User Community: Implement features that encourage user interaction, such as user-generated content, forums, and social networking capabilities within the app, fostering a vibrant and engaged community of outdoor enthusiasts.

Real-Time Trail Conditions: Integrate real-time trail condition updates and user-reported information to provide users with current and reliable trail status, enhancing the app's utility and appeal.

Enhanced Offline Functionality: Improve offline functionality by allowing users to download and access detailed maps, trail information, and GPS features without requiring a continuous internet connection, catering to users in remote areas.

Customizable Map Layers: Offer customizable map layers, allowing users to personalize their map views based on their specific outdoor activities and preferences, enhancing the app's versatility and user satisfaction.

Partnerships with Outdoor Brands: Forge partnerships with outdoor gear and equipment brands to offer exclusive discounts, promotions, and curated content within the app, providing added value to users and fostering brand loyalty.

Augmented Reality Integration: Implement augmented reality features to enhance the user experience, such as overlaying trail information and points of interest onto the real-time camera view, providing an immersive navigation experience.

Crowdsourced Mapping Data: Encourage users to contribute mapping data, trail updates, and points of interest through a crowdsourcing platform, enriching the app's database and fostering a sense of community participation.

Educational Resources: Provide educational resources within the app, including outdoor safety tips, wildlife information, and environmental conservation guidelines, promoting responsible outdoor recreation practices among users.

Global Expansion Strategy: Develop a strategic plan for global expansion, incorporating mapping data and features for international outdoor destinations, thus broadening the app's appeal to a global audience of outdoor enthusiasts.

Suggestions for other businesses to replicate on Xmaps success

Specialized Data Aggregation: Emulate onXmaps' success by aggregating specialized data relevant to a specific niche or industry, ensuring that the information provided is tailored to the unique needs of the target audience.

User-Centric Product Development: Prioritize user feedback and engagement to continuously improve and refine products, ensuring that user needs and preferences remain at the forefront of development efforts.

Partnerships with Industry Experts: Forge partnerships with industry experts, organizations, or influencers to enhance credibility, access specialized knowledge, and expand the reach of the business within the target market.

Customized User Experience: Develop technologies and features that provide a highly customized user experience, catering to the specific activities, interests, and preferences of the target audience.

Offline Access Capabilities: Offer offline access capabilities to ensure that users can access essential features and information even in remote or low-connectivity environments, enhancing the practicality and appeal of the product.

Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community among users by providing platforms for interaction, knowledge sharing, and user-generated content, creating a loyal and engaged user base.

Real-Time Data Integration: Integrate real-time data updates and user-generated content to provide users with current and reliable information, enhancing the relevance and utility of the product.

Environmental Stewardship Initiatives: Incorporate environmental stewardship initiatives and educational resources into the business model, aligning the brand with sustainable practices and responsible outdoor recreation.

Global Expansion Strategy: Develop a strategic plan for global expansion, considering localization efforts to accommodate diverse languages, regulations, and outdoor environments, thus broadening the product's appeal.

Continuous Innovation: Foster a culture of continuous innovation by regularly introducing new features, tools, and enhancements based on user feedback and industry trends, ensuring that the product remains competitive and relevant.

Enhance your mobile app's ARPU through Vendo, enabling users to browse exceptional products from homegrown brands. Raise affiliate sales commissions to 20-30%, providing 3-5 times more earnings than standard affiliate links.


  • Book a demo call: We’ll set up your demo marketplace and populate it with products
  • Customize your marketplace: We’ll help you craft a marketplace that aligns with your branding guidelines,
  • Onboard Brands: Invite your favorite brands or choose brands from the Vendo brand catalog. We can also start reaching out to brands you’d like to sell on your behalf.
  • Select Products: Curate product collections manually or automate the process to efficiently manage your catalog and meet customer demand.
  • Embed products: Make your editorial content shoppable with products embedded right where your customers expect them to find. Simplify and streamline product discovery.
  • Start Selling Programmatically: Push products through multiple touch points: on your website, share it on social media, and include products in your newsletters. 
  • Get Paid: Get paid as soon as products are shipped by the brands. No need to wait 30-60 days or worry about orders not attributable to your affiliate links.
  • Get Repeat Sales: Since you’re not linking out, your customers will keep coming back. We’ll help them with abandoned cart emails and promotional email blasts. 


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