Mar 22, 2022

How Vendo democratizes access to the marketplace and B2B eCommerce

Written by
Mike Faber
Our mission at Vendo is to lower the entry barrier into the marketplace and B2B eCommerce space for both new entrants and existing companies evolving their business model.

For years now, as we have been building complex eCommerce systems for startups, scaleups, corporations, and governmental agencies, we have been getting hundreds of RFP requests a year from founders and managers.

They all would like to expedite the delivery of their projects while avoiding the need to hire a large team of software professionals. Most of them were unwilling to overpay for rigid enterprise-class solutions and rightly so.

We have listened and we have delivered.

Vendo lets you go live with your online marketplace or B2B eCommerce business at a fraction of the cost of custom development or enterprise SaaS and within weeks instead of months.

Vendo is a low-code solution that makes it easy to launch a marketplace or a B2B solution by limiting the need to hire and retain specialized software development talent. It then automates and streamlines various day-to-day processes so you don’t have to hire a team of merchandisers or accountants performing tedious manual tasks.

We believe that eCommerce businesses, in order to succeed, should not attempt to be technology companies and should not have to endure laborious manual tasks in order to make their business run smoothly. Instead, they should leverage ready-to-use solutions, such as Vendo, to focus on exceeding their customers' expectations and their business scalability. That’s what Vendo ensures, even for startup and bootstrapped companies.


Easy supplier onboarding and sync

Invite your marketplace sellers by email to complete their profile, preferences, and settings. Ask them to approve your marketplace terms & conditions. No unnecessary emails or meetings. As much self-service as possible.

Once they’re on your marketplace, allow them to sync their products & stock levels using the method of their choosing:

  • Manually - using the seller dashboard;
  • API - preferred by bigger sellers with developer teams;
  • CSV or Excel files - either uploaded manually through the seller dashboard or placed on an SFTP server;
  • Full, automated store sync - pull products from their store on Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and other systems.

The above-mentioned methods could be alternated and used whenever convenient.

Effortless scalability through automation

Automate not only product & stock levels synchronization but also other laborious day-to-day marketplace processes:

  • Order payment splitting
  • Tracking information fetching
  • Seller payouts
  • Returns and refunds management
  • Customer reviews
  • Customer self-service helpdesk

Unlimited sales channels: web, mobile, social

Each store, consisting of a product catalog with particular pricing, payment, tax, and shipping settings, may be connected to multiple sales channels such as:

  • a web storefront - so an eCommerce website available on any device
  • any content or blog website - making it shoppable without leaving 
  • a mobile app - available for iOS or Android
  • social media - such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or similar
  • a SaaS app - introducing in-app eCommerce and marketplace features
  • employee portal - so any walled-garden app for a limited audience
  • reseller portal - a B2B branch of the eCommerce business
  • voice - using voice commands to search and purchase products online

With Vendo, you may enable eCommerce functionality on any digital surface and beyond.

Unlimited storefront curation 

Vendo comes with a built-in and customizable storefront for easy and low-code MVP delivery. It’s the fastest way to launch a marketplace, start onboarding sellers, and then quickly test the market by opening up to buyers. This is the most cost-efficient way to build a scalable and future-proof marketplace with minimal upfront effort and investment. 

Vendo also connects to a number of pre-built storefront templates which are fully customizable offering unlimited storefront curation at a moderate level of effort and cost of ownership. 

One of such pre-built storefront templates uses Next.js Commerce, which is an all-in-one React starter kit for high-performance eCommerce sites built by Vercel, a Unicorn devtech company known for best developer experiences and an obsessive focus on end-user performance. The Next.js framework is used by the likes of Marvel, Netflix, Twitch, TikTok, Hulu among others. 

Another pre-built storefront is Vue Storefront, a lightning-fast frontend for headless eCommerce solutions. It comes with both reusable components to build custom storefronts, and a default theme that allows developers to effortlessly create an eCommerce frontend. Vue Storefront facilitates custom shaping of the customer journey, lets developers get creative, and provides a boost to your website’s performance to top it all off.

B2B experiences on par with consumer apps

B2B eCommerce solutions are known to be rigid and unfriendly to users who are used to quite a different experience in the consumer eCommerce space. Vendo lets you lift the end-customer experience to the standards expected by consumers. Smooth user interfaces, adding products to cart, asking for quotes, getting approvals and making payments at a click of a button.

No revenue sharing, predictable costs

Vendo does not take away a chunk of your hard-earned revenue. Instead, Vendo lets you build and operate a marketplace or B2B eCommerce business that is easily scalable thanks to automation and connectible best-of-breed 3rd party solutions.

All of that is available at a modest flat monthly subscription in one of three pricing plans much lower than the cost of hiring and retaining a single software developer.

Future-proof investment

Vendo lets you combine Marketplace, B2B, and DTC and optimize, experiment, iterate through your storefront and sales channels at will. It might just be the end of re-platforming. It might be the last eCommerce platform you will ever need.


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Written by
Mike Faber
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