Sep 12, 2023

How to Start a Wellness Marketplace as a Creator

Written by
Anna Ambroszkiewicz

Are you a wellness content creator looking to turn your passion into profit? If so, then it's time to launch your own wellness marketplace, packed with top-notch, healthy living brands and their must-have products.

With Vendo, you can easily create a curated selection of products that align with your philosophy and offer your followers an opportunity to shop based on your recommendations.

Whether you're promoting a balanced diet, home workouts, or mental health practices, you can build a stronger bond with your audience and earn a juicy 20-30% commission on each sale.

Don't let your hard work go to someone else's pocket. It's time to take control and put your own spin on things.


Who should start a wellness dropshipping marketplace

If you're a wellness influencer who has gained a loyal following with your knowledge and expertise, it's time to turn your passion into a business by launching your own wellness-focused marketplace.

From healthy snacks and supplements to workout routines, you've already shown your ability to help people live a healthier lifestyle. By incorporating your knowledge and recommendations, you can create an online shopping destination featuring a carefully curated selection of products from your favorite brands.

This is a win-win for both you and your followers. They'll enjoy the convenience of shopping for wellness products in one place while you benefit from a steady stream of income.

1. @ilanamuhlsteinrd aka @nutritionbabe

Ilana Muhlstein, is a registered dietitian nutritionist and bestselling author who has transformed her life by losing over 100 pounds and keeping it off. As a mom of three, she knows how important it is to make weight loss sensible, sustainable, and accessible. Ilana is passionate about making people look and feel good, and she has helped thousands of others lose weight through her private practice in Beverly Hills and a clinic at UCLA.

TikTok: 1.9M followers

Instagram: 501K followers


Ilana has developed several content monetization strategies to support her business and help her audience achieve their wellness goals. She uses affiliate programs such as the Like To Know It App, where her followers can easily purchase products she recommends. Ilana also offers digital products like online courses and ebooks, which provide valuable information and guidance for achieving sustainable weight loss. She also offers membership subscriptions to access paid content and has even started her own meal delivery service. Additionally, Ilana provides 1:1 private coaching to those who want a more personalized approach to their weight loss journey.

Ilana's content monetization strategies:

What problems Ilana's content solves?

Ilana's content solves the problem of sustainable and sensible weight loss. She offers practical tools and advice on achieving lasting results, overcoming plateaus, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She also provides guidance on pregnancy nutrition and helps women navigate their increased food cravings and nutritional needs. Her content aims to empower people through their weight loss journey and free them from their insecurities.

How would Ilana benefit from her own marketplace on Vendo?

With her own marketplace, Ilana would have access to a wider range of products that are not available through Like To Know it App. For instance, she could curate products from brands such as Wellnesse, Nutraditions, and R.E.D.D. Bar that offer a range of wellness-related products, including cosmetics, healthy snacks, and adaptogens. These brands have their own stores on Shopify, which can be easily integrated with a marketplace on Vendo. Having her own marketplace would allow Ilana to have more control over the look of her shop, increase brand consistency, and sell both her digital products and the physical goods she promotes in one place, on her own website. This would make her brand even more consistent and give her more flexibility to curate the products she thinks her audience would love.

How could Ilana differentiate her marketplace?

Ilana could differentiate her marketplace by focusing on promoting unique and high-quality products that align with her brand and audience's needs. She could use her expertise in the wellness industry to curate a selection of niche products that are not easily found elsewhere. Ilana could also prioritize working with brands that share her values and ethos, creating a sense of community and trust among her audience. Overall, by emphasizing uniqueness, quality, and personalized service, Ilana could create a distinctive marketplace that stands out in the wellness industry.

2. @nutritionbykylie

Kylie is a registered dietitian and nutritionist based in Los Angeles. With a passion for all things food, Kylie is dedicated to making healthy living fun, easy, and realistic. Through her social media platforms, Kylie shares a mix of nutrition tips, favorite recipes, day-in-the-life vlogs, and personal journey insights. She believes that health and wellness information should be accessible and enjoyable, and she works to help others optimize their health, rebuild their relationship with food, and learn how to nourish their bodies.

TikTok: 2.3M followers

Instagram: 1.2M followers

Youtube: 604K subscribers

Kylie monetizes her content mostly through paid partnerships with well-known brands such as Aldi, Chipotle, and Wyman's. Additionally, she has an Amazon affiliate shop where she curates a small collection of products that she loves, earning commissions from sales. Kylie also serves as a brand ambassador for Caraway, which offers cookware, and she earns commissions through her followers' purchases using her discount code.

KYLIE's content monetization strategies:

What problems Kylie's content solves?

Kylie's content solves the problem of making healthy living easy and realistic for her audience. She offers tips, tricks, and general health and wellness information that are easy to understand and follow. Kylie's love for all foods, combined with her expertise in nutrition, helps others rebuild their relationship with food and learn how to nourish their bodies.

How would Kylie benefit from her own marketplace on Vendo?

Kylie could greatly benefit from having her own marketplace on Vendo. It would allow her to rely less on sponsored posts and curate from a wider variety of brands and products she loves than those available on Amazon (right now you can find very few items in her Amazon shop). She could include brands that make nourishing and dieting easier and more fun such as Soylent, Kate Farms, and Feastables. The Shopify stores of those brands could be easily connected to a marketplace on Vendo, and Kylie could start selling right away. And with a large and highly engaged audience like hers and commission rates 10x higher than on Amazon, she could quickly make a fortune.

How could Kylie differentiate her marketplace?

Kylie could differentiate her marketplace by positioning it as a one-stop-shop for quick and easy dieting solutions. She could curate a selection of products from brands that offer healthy and convenient options, such as meal replacements, snack bars, and ready-to-eat meals. By focusing on products and resources that offer practical solutions for busy people who want to improve their health, Kylie could establish her marketplace as a go-to destination for those seeking to make positive lifestyle changes.

3. @JeanneMarieFit

Jeanne Marie is an online health and fitness coach passionate about helping men and women achieve their fitness goals. Jeanne Marie has been providing online coaching since 2016 and specializes in gut health, pre, and post-natal fitness, as well as nutrition and wellness consulting. She takes pride in helping her clients feel confident, healthy, and happy by guiding them through their transformative journey to achieve their goals.

TikTok: 209K followers

Instagram: 150K followers


Jeanne Marie generates revenue through a variety of methods. She has her own online coaching programs that her followers can purchase access to. In addition, she utilizes affiliate sales through an Amazon Affiliate shop and the Like To Know It app, as well as promoting other brands with her unique promo codes.

Jeanne Marie's content monetization strategies:

What problems Jeanne Marie's content solves?

Jeanne Marie's content addresses several problems related to health and fitness. She provides guidance and support to clients who may be struggling with achieving their fitness goals or feeling confident in their bodies. As a gut health nutrition specialist, she also offers solutions for those dealing with digestive issues, which can be a major obstacle in achieving overall wellness. Additionally, as a pre and postnatal fitness specialist, Jeanne Marie can help expectant and new mothers navigate the unique challenges of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Through her coaching programs, she aims to empower individuals to take charge of their health and make sustainable lifestyle changes, ultimately leading to improved physical and mental well-being.

How would Jeanne Marie benefit from her own marketplace on Vendo?

Jeanne Marie could greatly benefit from having her own marketplace on Vendo as it would allow her to curate and sell a wider variety of health and wellness products that align with her brand. For example, she could feature brands like Alo Yoga, Moon Juice, and Love Wellness, which offer products such as yoga apparel, adaptogenic powders, and women's health supplements respectively. Additionally, as Vendo offers higher commission rates than most affiliate programs, Jeanne Marie could earn much more from sales made through her own marketplace than she currently does through affiliate sales on Amazon and Like To Know It.

How could Jeanne Marie differentiate her marketplace?

Jeanne Marie could differentiate her marketplace by focusing on brands that align with her values and mission of promoting overall health and wellness, particularly those that offer sustainable and eco-friendly products. Additionally, she could feature brands catering to specific dietary needs, such as gluten-free or vegan options, or those specializing in gut health and pre/postnatal nutrition.

4. @OhSnapMacros

Danielle Lima is a content creator who shares her passion for macro-friendly recipes that the whole family can enjoy. As a busy wife and mom on her own health journey, Danielle understands the struggles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while juggling a full-time job and family responsibilities. Living in Alaska, with limited options for healthy and specialty foods, Danielle has become an expert at creating delicious recipes using everyday, easy-to-find ingredients. Her goal is to provide quick and easy meals that can be prepared for one, two, or an entire family, using staple items to help you easily navigate mealtime.

Instagram: 109K followers

Pinterest: 3.3K followers


Danielle monetizes her content by selling digital products like meal plan subscriptions and ebooks. She also offers one physical product, which is a branded sweatshirt with her logo. In addition, she engages in affiliate marketing by promoting products through the Like To Know It app and providing discount codes for various brands.

Danielle's content monetization strategies:

What problems Danielle's content solves?

Danielle's content solves the problem of finding healthy, easy-to-make meal ideas using common ingredients. Her macro-friendly recipes cater to those tracking their macros, but they are also suitable for anyone who wants a well-rounded diet. Danielle offers practical solutions for those seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste or convenience.

How would Danielle benefit from her own marketplace on Vendo?

By having her own marketplace on Vendo, Danielle could curate a broader range of products than through the Like To Know It app or other affiliate programs and offer them to her audience directly. This would allow her to earn higher commissions than with discount codes, and also offer a more seamless experience for her followers. In addition, she could expand the choice of physical products from just one sweatshirt to goods such as kitchen equipment. Some examples of cookware and cooking gadget brands with Shopify stores that Danielle could easily add to her marketplace include Material Kitchen, Our Place, and Kana. Overall, having her own marketplace on Vendo could provide Danielle with a more comprehensive platform to monetize her content and connect with her audience.

How could Danielle differentiate her marketplace?

Danielle could differentiate her marketplace by focusing on kitchenware and gadgets that make cooking healthy meals even easier. She already provides the recipes and meal plans so why not offer the tools and equipment to make the process more efficient? Additionally, she could offer exclusive bundles of products tailored to her meal plans, further enhancing the convenience for her customers. By creating a niche marketplace that caters to the needs of her specific audience, Danielle could establish herself as a trusted authority in the healthy cooking space and drive greater engagement and revenue from her content.

5. @CookLikeImBook

Calvin Kang, also known as @cooklikeimbook, is a former private weight loss chef with a passion for fitness, health, and food. Growing up in a Korean American household, Calvin understands the importance of food and community. With a degree in Exercise Science and experience playing basketball professionally overseas, he has a deep understanding of the intersection between fitness and nutrition. Through his platform in the Fitness/Health and Food & Beverage community, Calvin aims to help individuals learn that nutrition is about balance, and that no food should be deemed "bad." On his page, you'll find delicious and healthy recipes that will make you feel like you're not on a "diet."

TikTok: 1.8M followers

Instagram: 440K followers


Calvin monetizes his content through various methods. He collaborates with brands and makes sponsored posts. He offers exclusive paid content to those who purchase his monthly membership on Patreon and sells his own cookbooks both as ebooks and in hardcover. Calvin has an Amazon affiliate store with products he recommends and promotes brands through their affiliate programs, offering promo codes to his followers, in both cases earning a commission on every sale.

Calvin's content monetization strategies:

What problems Calvin's content solves?

Calvin's content solves the problem of people feeling like they have to sacrifice their social life and favorite foods in order to maintain a healthy diet. Through his approach to nutrition and fitness, he emphasizes the importance of community and enjoying food in social settings. Calvin helps people understand that any food can fit into a balanced diet and that no food should be deemed "bad". He provides delicious and healthy recipes that make you feel like you're not on a "diet". His content inspires people to enjoy food at all levels, especially if you're a fitness enthusiast.

How would Calvin benefit from her own marketplace on Vendo?

If Calvin were to have his own marketplace, he could offer a more personalized experience to his audience by curating his own selection of healthy snacks and fitness equipment that align with his values and philosophy. For example, brands such as Built Bars, Bear Komplex, or Ora Organic that have stores on Shopify could be integrated with his marketplaces in a few minutes. He could also offer exclusive bundles of his digital and physical products that are not available elsewhere, giving his audience a reason to purchase directly from him. By having his own marketplace, Calvin would be able to earn higher commissions on product sales, as well as collect valuable data on his customers' purchasing behaviors, which could inform his future content and product development strategies.

How could Calvin differentiate her marketplace?

Calvin could differentiate his marketplace by creating a curated selection of health and fitness products that align with his philosophy of balanced nutrition and enjoyable eating. By focusing on products that make healthy living more accessible and enjoyable, Calvin could position his marketplace as a go-to destination for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness. Additionally, he could offer his exclusive content, and cookbooks together with products of other brands that he likes and recommends. This would make his platform more complete and provide more value to his followers, as they could not only shop for his cookbook but also other products such as kitchenware that he uses for preparing the meals.


The wellness industry is booming, and content creators have been leveraging various methods to monetize their platforms. Sponsored content, affiliate marketing, exclusive content, and digital products are some of the ways these creators earn revenue. However, they could all benefit from having their own marketplace to sell products that align with their wellness philosophy. With Vendo's complete SaaS solution, launching a marketplace is simple and can be done in minutes without any upfront costs. By creating a curated selection of products, these influencers can offer more value to their audience and provide a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to improve their wellness.

7 reasons to start selling in a dropshipping model with Vendo

  1. Start selling immediately with tens of brands from Shopify
  2. No upfront investment into product design, manufacturing, and marketing
  3. No need to manage inventory or warehousing yourself
  4. Focus on the creative, customer-facing side and engage with your audience
  5. Grow faster by adding and testing new products without any additional cost
  6. Earn 20-30% sales commission from every order
  7. Get paid immediately once the customer makes a payment


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Written by
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