Sep 15, 2023

How to Start a Fashion Marketplace as a Creator

Written by
Anna Ambroszkiewicz

Hey there Fashion Creator, looking to turn your content and fanbase into a revenue stream? Then it's time to launch your own fashion-forward dropshipping marketplace, packed with top-notch, domestic brands and their must-have products.

With Vendo, you can handpick items from various brands to sell on your own website, building a stronger bond with your customers and pocketing a juicy 20-30% commission on each sale - that's ten times better than what the Amazon Influencer Program has to offer.

Don't let your hard work go to someone else's pocket. It's time to take control and put your own spin on things. Your audience follows you because they trust your style and expertise, so why not give them a chance to shop based on your recommendations?


Who should start a fashion dropshipping marketplace

If you're a fashionista who has cultivated a dedicated following with your flair for fashion, it's time to turn your passion for style into a business by launching your own fashion-focused eCommerce platform.

From fashion advice to outfit ideas, you've already shown your ability to help people look and feel their best. By incorporating your style and know-how, you can create an online shopping destination featuring a carefully curated selection of products from your favorite brands.

This is a win-win for both you and your followers. They'll enjoy the convenience of shopping for outfits in one place while you benefit from a steady stream of income.

1. @SistersGuideToStyle

Abbie from Cincinnati is a rising fashion influencer who has captivated a loyal following on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. Her content is all about giving style tips and reviewing outfits that are both trendy and budget-friendly. 

In 2018, she founded Sister's Guide to Style with the goal of helping women feel confident in their fashion choices. Despite her full-time job as a clinical dietitian working with premature babies, Abby is driven by her passion for fashion and sharing her insights with others.

Youtube: 60K subscribers

Instagram: 425K followers

TikTok: 115K followers

Amazon shop

Sisters Guide to Style Instagram

In addition to her social media content, Abby has an Amazon affiliate store and frequently hosts Amazon LIVE events to share her latest fashion finds with her audience.

  1. Abby offers solutions to the common issues her followers face in finding fashionable and budget-friendly outfits. She provides a wealth of fashion tips, outfit reviews, and product recommendations.
  2. She's already earning commissions on sales through her Amazon store and Amazon Live shopping sessions. But the catch is the product offerings are limited to what's available on Amazon. Plus, the commission for clothing and accessories is a measly 4%. By creating her own marketplace, she would have the opportunity to choose from a wider variety of affordable brands, like ThirdLove, Fashion Nova, and Anthropologie, to name a few.
  3. The fashion world is overflowing with affordable options that would perfectly complement Abby's content. Her expertise in pairing outfits to flatter different body types is a valuable resource for women who want to look and feel their best without breaking the bank. By creating her own one-stop shop for affordable fashion, she'll not only be able to make money from her recommendations, but she'll also have the opportunity to explore and offer a broader range of brands and products to her followers.

2. @DavidasDiary

Davida is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer from Alabama who has carved a niche for herself by becoming a voice for curvy women. She calls herself the "Curvy Lifestyle Influencer" and is passionate about helping women of all shapes and sizes feel confident and stylish. 

She shares her fashion knowledge and expertise through her videos on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube offering tips and tricks for dressing for a curvy figure. 

One of her most popular series is "What I Ordered vs. What it Looks Like," where she compares the appearance of clothes on fashion models to how they look on her, giving her followers a more realistic and relatable perspective on fashion.

TikTok: 123K followers

Instagram: 21K followers

Youtube: 5K subscribers

Amazon shop

Davida also has an Amazon affiliate store where she promotes a wide range of products, including apparel and accessories, beauty products, home decor, pet products, and gift ideas for him. However, the lack of proper categorization in her Amazon store can make navigating through her recommended products confusing and tiring for consumers. This, in turn, doesn't do much to benefit her brand as an influencer whose content is supposed to make the shopping decisions easier for her audience.

  1. Through her videos and posts, Davida provides outfit ideas and style tips specifically tailored to the needs of curvier women. She also offers a unique perspective by showcasing the differences between how clothes look on models and how they actually fit on a curvy body. By offering relatable and helpful content, Davida is empowering curvy women to feel confident and stylish in their outfits.
  2. She currently promotes brands and earns commissions, but there are many fantastic fashion brands that aren't available on Amazon that she's missing out on. These brands include ones that cater to all sizes and body types, or are specifically designed for curvy women, such as Universal Standard, Fashion To Figure, and Curvy Sense. With her own marketplace on Vendo, she could include these brands (and more) in her recommendations and earn a much higher commission, even up to ten times what she earns through Amazon.
  3. By having her own marketplace, Davida would be able to curate products specifically for curvy women, rather than just having a general mix of products like she does now on Amazon. This would allow her to provide added value to her followers and the broader curvy women community, as they would be able to find products that are tailored to their needs and preferences more easily.

3. @brittanyjohnson_xoxo

Brittany is a successful fashion influencer on TikTok and Instagram, known for her outfit ideas and inspirations, along with a bit of lifestyle and parenting content. She creates videos featuring clothing hauls, "What I ordered vs what I got," and product unboxing, showcasing how clothes look on her figure (175 lbs and 5'3"). 

Brittany is dedicated to finding cute fashion choices for midsize girls (size 12), as she understands the struggle of styling oneself and feeling confident. By sharing her weight and height, she hopes to help girls like her relate and shop more easily, making her a valuable midsize fashion inspiration.

TikTok: 339K followers

Instagram: 87K followers

Youtube: 13K subscribers

Amazon shop

LTK app

Brittany has several sources of income as a fashion influencer. She operates an Amazon affiliate store, which offers a mix of fashion, beauty, and home decor products. She also uses the LTK app to recommend products from Amazon, Walmart, and Target. 

In addition, she promotes brands such as Blinkifly Lashes and Beachwaver, using affiliate links and promo codes. Finally, she sells preloved fashion on Poshmark. Overall, Brittany uses a combination of affiliate marketing, brand partnerships, and eCommerce platforms to monetize her fashion and lifestyle content.

  1. Brittany provides outfit ideas and inspirations, which can be helpful for people who struggle with styling themselves and lack confidence. She also specifically focuses on finding cute fashion for midsize girls (size 12), which can be a challenge for many women who feel overlooked by the fashion industry. By sharing her weight and height, she provides a relatable figure for girls like her to shop and find inspiration.
  2. If Brittany had her own marketplace, she would have the opportunity to expand beyond the mainstream brands that are available on Amazon, Target, and Walmart. She could cater to the specific needs of midsize women by featuring more niche brands such as Christy Dawn, which is known for its ethical and sustainable fashion, Rixo, which draws inspiration from vintage styles, or For Love & Lemons, which offers a bohemian, romantic aesthetic.
  3. Brittany's marketplace could differentiate itself by becoming a one-stop-shop for midsize women, who often lack specific brand options. While there are plus-size brands available, there are not many that specifically target women who wear size Medium or Large. By focusing on this underserved market, she could offer a unique selection of products and styles that cater to their specific needs and body types.

4. @lapassionvoutee

Louisa's content is centered on providing her followers with affordable and trendy wearable outfit ideas, particularly for millennial women. Louisa is a Nigerian who currently resides in the USA and has a passion for showcasing African fashion. Her style is unique and captivating, and she offers tips and tricks on how to style African prints and patterns in a modern way. 

Despite working as a pharmacist, Louisa has been able to build a successful brand in the fashion industry and has become a source of inspiration for many women looking to incorporate bold fashion choices into their wardrobes.

Louisa's most popular social media channel is Pinterest, where she has amassed over 100K followers and 5M monthly views. Pinterest is a great social media platform for selling products. Unlike Instagram posts, Pinterest pins can continue to attract engagement and drive traffic to a website or online store for months or even years after being created.

Pinterest: 109K followers (5M monthly views)

Instagram: 43K followers


Amazon shop

LTK app

Louisa monetizes her content through brand collaborations and affiliate sales. On her blog, she has a list called "Where I shop," which includes popular brands such as Nordstrom, Old Navy, H&M, and Zara. She also has an Amazon affiliate store that offers a mix of fashion and beauty products, as well as photo cameras and kitchen equipment. 

Though it's not entirely consistent with her brand, it provides an additional stream of revenue. She also uses the LTK app, which also has a mix of different products, from egg cookers to clothes with African print.

  1. Louisa provides fashion ideas and inspirations for millennial women, including tips on how to style African fashion and prints. Her bold and colorful fashion choices can be intimidating for some, but Louisa breaks it down, making it accessible for all. She is also a petite girl, 5"5 and size 4, and shares her journey of finding clothes that fit well, serving as an inspiration for other petite women.
  2. If Louisa had her own marketplace, she could stay more authentic to her brand and promote products that align with it. Additionally, she could feature more African brands that offer international shipping but aren't currently available on Amazon. Some examples of brands that fit her aesthetic and could be seamlessly integrated into her marketplace include Mille Collines, Lemlem, and Studio 189.
  3. To differentiate her marketplace, Louisa can focus on her unique expertise and personal style. As a fashion influencer who specializes in African fashion, she can curate a collection of clothing and accessories that reflect her signature aesthetic.

5. @jaceyduprie aka Damsel in Dior

Jacey Duprie is a highly successful fashion and lifestyle influencer who has made a name for herself through her popular blog, Damsel in Dior. With readers in over 193 countries, the blog receives millions of impressions monthly. It has also been featured in several publications, including Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, and Huffington Post. 

Jacey also has an impressive social media presence with over half a million followers on her personal Instagram account. She holds a degree in Journalism from DePaul University in Chicago, which has given her a strong foundation in writing and communication. However, Jacey's success can be attributed to her passion and hard work.

Instagram: 529K follower

Pinterest: 91K followers (7.8M monthly views)

TikTok: 50K followers

Youtube: 10K subscribers


Amazon shop

LTK app

Wyeth - her own fashion brand

Jacey Duprie has mastered the art of monetizing her content as a creator. With her blog, Damsel in Dior, and social media channels, she has several revenue streams. One of her primary sources of income is through brand collaborations, where she has worked with major fashion brands such as Barneys, SAKS, GAP, Nordstrom, and Bergdorf Goodman. 

She also has an Amazon affiliate shop that offers a mix of products ranging from fashion and beauty to parenthood and health and wellness. In addition, Jacey uses the LTK app to share her looks and product recommendations, earning commissions on each purchase made through the app. 

Her blog also features a shop section that works like an affiliate store, allowing readers to purchase products from various retailers with Jacey earning commissions on those sales. Finally, Jacey has launched her own fashion brand, Wyeth, which adds another source of revenue to her already successful brand.

Damsel in Dior blog and online store
  1. Jacey inspires millions with her beautiful and well-written content. She helps her followers stay on top of the latest trends in fashion, which can be a challenge for many people.
  2. Jacey Duprie has got multiple ways of earning, but not all of them are perfectly in line with her brand. One smart move for Jacey would be to create her own dropshipping marketplace. This would allow her to incorporate the brands she promotes and her own brand all in one place. By doing this, she can drive all her website traffic to one location, resulting in a considerable increase in revenue. Not only that, but it would help her build one consistent brand, making her stand out even more as a fashion and lifestyle influencer.


Monetizing content is nothing new for fashion influencers, and there are several popular revenue streams they rely on. Among the most popular are brand collaborations, and affiliate sales, often through Amazon's Influencer Program or the LTK app. 

However, these methods have their downsides, such as limited product options to showcase, low commissions, and extended waiting times for payouts. 

Content monetization can be taken to the next level with the help of a dropshipping marketplace. By using Vendo, influencers can easily and quickly launch their own marketplace with no upfront costs.

7 reasons to start selling in a dropshipping model with Vendo

  1. Start selling immediately with tens of brands from Shopify
  2. No upfront investment into product design, manufacturing, and marketing
  3. No need to manage inventory or warehousing yourself
  4. Focus on the creative, customer-facing side and engage with your audience
  5. Grow faster by adding and testing new products without any additional cost
  6. Earn 20-30% sales commission from every order
  7. Get paid immediately once the customer makes a payment


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Written by
Anna Ambroszkiewicz
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