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Sep 27, 2023

How to build your $1,000 a month eCommerce business as a Creator

Written by
Anna Ambroszkiewicz

Earn a monthly income of $1,000 with only 2 daily orders. Wondering how many followers you need or how often to post on social media? Let's uncover the secrets to turning your online boutique into a successful venture, making $1,000 a month as a social media creator.


Let’s get 2 orders a day

In order to earn $1,000 in monthly sales commission, you'll aim for a total monthly sales volume of approximately $5,000. This can be achieved through an average order value of $100, resulting in around 50 orders per month or fewer than 2 orders per day. Surprisingly, it's not a significant number to strive for.

So how do we get there? 

How to get your followers to visit your boutique?

  • Highlight your boutique's name or web address in captions: When creating content for your audience, make sure to prominently feature your boutique's name or web address in the captions of your videos or photos. This ensures that your followers see the information while engaging with your content, making it easy for them to remember and visit your boutique. 
  • Encourage visits to your boutique: Along with displaying your boutique's name or web address, actively encourage your followers to check out your online boutique. In your videos or captions, directly ask your audience to visit your boutique and clearly spell out the web address. This explicit call to action generates curiosity and prompts them to take action. 
  • Include links in your posts: Take advantage of the link-sharing capabilities on popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. Incorporate direct links to your boutique within your posts or stories, allowing your followers to click and effortlessly navigate to your online store. 
  • Utilize the link in your bio: Most social media platforms offer a designated space in your profile bio to include a link. Utilize this feature by adding the URL of your online boutique. Remember to update the link when necessary, guiding your followers to your latest products or promotions. 
  • Feature your boutique link in newsletters: If you have a newsletter or email subscription list, regularly include your boutique's web address in your email communications. Directly reach out to your subscribers to inform them about new products, limited-time offers, or exclusive discounts available in your online store. Craft engaging content in your newsletters that entices recipients to visit your boutique.

Let’s get 40 boutique visitors a day

To secure 2 daily sales, it's essential to attract a total of 40 visitors to your boutique every day. This estimation takes into account a conversion rate of 5%, assuming that 5% of your boutique's visitors will become buyers. 

Why is this number significant? The average conversion rate for a typical Shopify boutique stands at approximately 2.3%. However, given that your followers already recognize and trust your recommendations, your conversion rate is expected to be even higher. Specifically, referral traffic often yields conversion rates surpassing 5%.

Average ecommerce conversion rates by channel Source:

10k engaged followers should do it

The number of followers you have, their engagement, and your posting frequency play a crucial role in driving traffic and sales to your boutique. To simplify, here's a formula to calculate daily boutique traffic from a single post:

(Number of followers) x (Average engagement rate)

Just imagine having 10,000 followers. Your engagement rate should be around 6%, which means you would receive 600 engagements per post. Now, let's consider that about 10% of these engagements result in people visiting your boutique. This would generate around 60 website visits, which is more than enough to achieve your goal of 2 daily orders.


You're on the path to building a thriving eCommerce business and earning $1,000 a month by tapping into your existing community, promoting curated products, and leveraging your influence. Let's explore simple strategies to maximize your eCommerce success as a Creator.

With a trusted and engaged community, envision having your own online boutique filled with carefully selected products that your community will love. Achieving a monthly income of $1,000 is an attainable goal when you break it down into manageable steps.

6 steps to earning $1,000 with your online boutique:

  1. Launch your online boutique swiftly using Vendo's user-friendly setup. Simply select the product categories that align with your personal brand and audience, such as wellness, lifestyle, travel, fashion, or parenting. We'll connect you with the brands that perfectly complement your style.
  2. Tailor your online boutique to match your unique preferences and aesthetics effortlessly. Vendo empowers you to personalize the design, colors, and layout, allowing your boutique to exude your branding. Create a boutique that authentically represents your personality and resonates with your audience.
  3. Incorporate your curated products seamlessly into your content creation process. Showcase them naturally within your videos or photos, without overtly pushing product reviews. Simply mention that these products are available in your boutique. This approach enables you to organically promote your products without appearing too sales-oriented.
  4. Consistently share content featuring your curated products to create a shoppable content archive. Regularly publish engaging content that not only captivates your audience but also builds a substantial library of content over time. This archive becomes a valuable resource, driving traffic to your boutique even when you're not actively promoting new products. Encourage your followers to explore your previous posts and discover the diverse range of products available in your online boutique.
  5. Harness the power of email marketing to boost traffic and sales for your online boutique. Develop a strategy to build an email list of loyal followers and customers. Incentivize sign-ups with exclusive discounts, early access to product launches, or valuable content. Once you have an email list, regularly communicate with your subscribers through newsletters, product updates, personalized recommendations, and exclusive offers. Keep them engaged and motivated to visit your boutique through effective email marketing tactics.

Exciting news! You've discovered a faster and more efficient way to monetize your content creation compared to traditional methods like sponsored content, brand collaborations, or affiliate marketing. With Vendo, launching your online boutique opens the door to earning a monthly income of over $1,000 with just 2 daily sales. 

When you're ready to embark on this journey, Vendo is here to support you every step of the way. In just minutes, you can launch your online boutique, customize it to showcase your unique style, and curate products that align with your brand. Leverage your influence to drive sales and unlock the potential for significant earnings. Don't let this opportunity slip away – transform your content creation into a thriving eCommerce venture with Vendo.


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Written by
Anna Ambroszkiewicz
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