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Aug 30, 2022

Everything Marketplaces members with $5,000 credit for Vendo customer success services

Written by
Mike Faber

Building, launching, and scaling a marketplace startup is challenging. Everything Marketplaces is a community for learning, sharing insights, and getting help with everything marketplaces. Everything Marketplaces members get a $5,000 credit for Vendo customer success services leading to their marketplace go-live within weeks.

This $5,000-worth support package usually involves a series of goal-oriented workshops with Vendo co-founder, Mike Faber, including:

  1. An intro to the marketplace founders' professional and personal backgrounds, the marketplace business idea, the underlying business model and resources available,
  2. A deep-dive discovery call into the supply and merchandising side of the marketplace: product categories, sourcing for vendors, vendor onboarding, merchandising and product catalog curation, vendor operations, analytics & reporting, SLA monitoring, customer care, payment reconciliation, invoicing, marketplace taxes,
  3. A deep-dive discovery call into the demand side of the marketplace: customer profile(s), customer acquisition, the marketplace money-making formula, the buying UX and customer journey, upselling and cross-selling techniques with network effects, loyalty and brand ambassadorial programs,
  4. A workshop to formulate the marketplace go-live plan, timeline, resourcing, tooling,
  5. A series of onboarding activities leading to the marketplace go-live.

As a result of this $5,000-worth customer success package, marketplace founders will be set up for eCommerce success, confident in pursuing their business goals, and either bootstrapped or venture-fueled growth.

To claim your $5,000 credit for Vendo customer success services, please send us a message through our contact form and shortly introduce yourself and your marketplace idea. Please use the EM2023 keyword so we can easily spot your message.

We will reach out to you to schedule an intro call. Calls will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to start an eCommerce marketplace in 14 days?

Here are some blog posts on how to start a marketplace business in top shopping categories:

And here are some YouTube videos on:

Talk to you soon!

Written by
Mike Faber
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