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Jan 8, 2024

Dolls Kill eCommerce case study and how to start a look-alike marketplace

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Dolls Kill is an edgy fashion retailer known for its bold and alternative clothing, accessories, and footwear catering to unique styles and subcultures. If you want to start a similar e-commerce business using a marketplace approach, Vendo simplifies the process by helping you provide a wide range of top-quality products from numerous outstanding brands. 

With Vendo's platform, you can swiftly establish a marketplace that closely resembles proven models, getting it operational within days. Vendo handles the complexities of managing inventory and shipping logistics, freeing you up to concentrate on what truly matters - delivering exceptional service to your valued customers.


Vendo is also a one-stop-shop for all your marketplace needs, providing you with a marketplace platform automating day-to-day operation, a catalog of brands to pick from or an ability to invite your own brands, merchandising and promotional tools, ability to sell through multiple channels (your existing website, emails & SMS, mobile app, social media), and ongoing daily support scaling your marketplace business.   

Dolls Kill: A Fashion Rebellion

Dolls Kill emerged as a rebellious response to the shortcomings of mainstream online shopping platforms. Fed up with the monotony of traditional clothing brands and the unchanging, stern-faced models, Dolls Kill set out to disrupt the norms of online fashion retailing. At its core, Dolls Kill champions change and experimentation in the world of fashion. It promotes the idea of personal freedom, encouraging individuals to break free from predefined styles and embrace the courage to stand out in a crowd. This movement celebrates individuality, injecting a refreshing dose of audacity into the fashion industry.

Dolls Kill's Best Selling Product Categories and Success Factors

1. Alternative Fashion: Dolls Kill excels in offering a wide range of alternative fashion products, including punk, gothic, rave, and streetwear styles.

  • Example: Edgy graphic tees, platform boots, and punk-inspired accessories.

2. Accessories: The platform features a diverse selection of accessories, from unique jewelry to statement sunglasses, allowing customers to complete their distinctive looks.

  • Example: Bold chokers, oversized sunglasses, and body harnesses.

3. Footwear: Dolls Kill is known for its collection of unconventional footwear, offering everything from chunky platform sneakers to thigh-high boots.

  • Example: Platform combat boots and holographic sneakers.

4. Cosmetics: The platform also offers a range of cosmetics, including bold lipsticks, vibrant eyeshadows, and glitter products that align with its alternative aesthetic.

  • Example: Shimmering body glitter and metallic lipsticks.

5. Festival and Rave Wear: Dolls Kill caters to the festival and rave culture with a unique selection of clothing and accessories designed to make a statement at music events.

  • Example: Sequin bodysuits, holographic fanny packs, and LED accessories.

Success Factors for Replication:

  • Unique Niche: Identify a specific and underserved niche within the fashion industry, such as alternative or subculture styles, and curate a selection of products that resonate with that audience.
  • Bold Branding: Develop a strong and distinctive brand identity that aligns with the preferences and values of your target demographic, using bold visuals and messaging to stand out.
  • Curated Selection: Carefully curate your product offerings to ensure they are on-trend and aligned with your brand's aesthetic, offering customers a unique and cohesive shopping experience.
  • Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community and belonging among your customers, encouraging them to share their unique style and engage with your brand on social media platforms.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Partner with influencers and style icons within your niche to showcase your products and gain exposure among your target audience.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Provide exceptional customer service, including fast shipping and responsive support, to build trust and loyalty among your customer base.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilize data analytics to understand customer preferences, track trends, and optimize your product offerings and marketing strategies.
  • Experimentation: Embrace change and experimentation in fashion trends, staying ahead of the curve and continuously refreshing your product catalog.

By incorporating these success factors into your e-commerce strategy, you can aim to replicate the achievements of Dolls Kill. Focusing on a unique niche, bold branding, community engagement, and exceptional customer service are crucial elements in attracting and retaining a dedicated customer base in the alternative fashion industry.

Get started with a look-alike marketplace like Dolls Kill on Vendo!


  • Book a demo call: We’ll set you up with a demo marketplace 
  • Customize your Storefront: We’ll help you craft an on-brand shopping UX 
  • Onboard Brands: Pick from the Vendo brand catalog. Or invite your own.
  • Select Products: Curate product collections manually or automate it.
  • Embed products: Make your editorial content and newsletters shoppable 
  • Get Paid: Get paid as soon as products are shipped by the brands. 
  • Get Repeat Sales: Keep your customer relationship, emails, order history


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