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Oct 16, 2023

Brothers We Stand multi-vendor marketplace success

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Brothers We Stand is a men's fashion marketplace that focuses on promoting and selling sustainable and ethically produced clothing and accessories. They curate a selection of products from various brands that prioritize environmental and ethical considerations in their production processes. The website features a range of clothing items, including shirts, pants, jackets, and accessories, all with a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. It's a good place to shop if you're interested in supporting environmentally and socially responsible fashion brands.

With Vendo, starting your own multi-vendor marketplace is more affordable and straightforward than ever. You can begin selling products from numerous vendors and go live within days, all without the burden of managing inventory and shipping. 

Vendo operates in a streamlined dropshipping model, relieving you of the logistical complexities and allowing you to focus on growing your marketplace.


Origins and History

The story of Brothers We Stand is rooted in a reaction to the fast fashion industry that emerged in the 80s, 90s, and early 00s. During this time, clothing production was outsourced to countries with lower labor costs, leading to lower prices and the promise of democratizing fashion. However, big fashion corporations soon began prioritizing profit margins over people and the planet. This created a culture of disposable fashion, where the quality of clothing diminished, and consumers knew little about the conditions of the people producing their garments. The ecological crisis caused by this model was becoming increasingly evident.

The founders of Brothers We Stand recognized the need for change in the fashion industry and decided to do something about it. They understood that the world was at a cultural crossroads and that rethinking and remaking our approach to fashion was essential. They believed that the solution wasn't in corporate brands with big advertising budgets but in individuals willing to pursue a dream and amplify the voices of others who shared their vision.

Growth and Success

Over the years, Brothers We Stand has evolved from a vision into a thriving online marketplace that represents the men's style revolution. The platform is a testament to the power of conscientious consumption. What sets it apart is its commitment to three fundamental principles:


Brothers We Stand curates unique, versatile, and expertly executed clothing that transcends fleeting trends. They offer timeless and practical pieces that can accompany you on adventures or to the office, emphasizing styles that age well and stand the test of time.


The brands featured on Brothers We Stand are led by individuals who care about people and are deeply committed to a social or environmental mission. They meticulously oversee every aspect of their supply chain, ensuring transparency and accountability.


Quality is at the heart of this marketplace. The clothing is carefully crafted from high-quality materials, designed to be loved and cherished for a long time, discouraging the culture of disposable fashion.

How to Replicate Their Success

If you're inspired by Brothers We Stand's success and want to replicate it in your own endeavors, consider these key principles:

Passion and Vision

Like the founders of Brothers We Stand, focus on a vision that is aligned with your values and passions. Be willing to go the extra mile to pursue your dream and create positive change.


Prioritize transparency in your supply chain and operations. Be open about your product's impact on society and the environment, and communicate this clearly to your customers.

Quality over Quantity

Emphasize quality in your products, promoting items that stand the test of time and encourage responsible consumption.

Community Engagement

Build a community of like-minded individuals who share your vision. Collaboration and collective efforts can be powerful in driving change.

In short, Brothers We Stand's success as an online marketplace is a testament to the power of quality and ethics. It shows that you can build a thriving platform by prioritizing responsible consumption. If you're looking to replicate their success, start by emphasizing transparency, ethical sourcing, and timeless design. Brothers We Stand has shown that it's possible to make a positive impact in the marketplace, and you can follow their lead.

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How to quickly start your own multi-vendor marketplace on Vendo and go live in just a few days

  1. Sign Up and Start a Free Trial: Begin by signing up for Vendo's free trial to explore its features and capabilities.
  2. Configure a Storefront: Create a storefront that aligns with your brand identity, ensuring a cohesive and on-brand appearance.
  3. Onboard Brands: Invite your preferred brands or choose from Vendo's brand catalog to enrich your product offerings.
  4. Select Products: Curate product collections manually or automate the process to efficiently manage your catalog and meet customer demands.
  5. Start Selling: Link to your marketplace on your website, share it on social media, and include it in your newsletters to reach a broader audience.
  6. Get Paid Quickly: Get paid as soon as products are shipped by the vendors.


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