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Sep 15, 2022

8 dimensions of wellness marketplaces

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Each wellness marketplace should address a number of dimensions to successfully support its customer base in achieving their wellness goals, raising their quality of life, and developing healthy habits. As a marketplace owner using Vendo, you have the superpower to combine various product categories, multiple brands, as well as wellness service providers with expert advice. Here are 8 dimensions of wellness to consider when forging your marketplace business strategy.


According to social sciences, there are eight dimensions to wellness: emotional, physical, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and financial. If any one of these is unbalanced or neglected, over time it will have a negative impact on physical and mental health.

Emotional wellness

Emotional well-being is the ability to effectively manage and understand one's emotions. It also involves successfully handling life’s stresses and adapting to change and difficult times.

Physical wellness

Physical well-being includes all areas of health that relate to physical aspects of the body including, nutrition, exercise, weight management, ergonomics, tobacco use, disease, disease prevention, and more.

Occupational wellness

Occupational well-being is connected with personal satisfaction with one's professional life (job/career, work-life balance).

Social wellness

Social well-being is all abut interactions with other people - connections, relationships, and personal expression.

Spiritual wellness

Spiritual well-being is connected to the search for purpose and meaning in life. This may include the belief in a higher power, but does not necessarily have to be aligned with a religion.

Intellectual wellness

Intellectual well-being is connected to brain health and growth via thought-provoking mental activities. 

Environmental wellness

Environmental well-being encompasses all areas of health that relate to the environment and in turn, how the environment can impact human health. It includes eco-friendly considerations, active participation in recycling and proper disposal of electronics and medicine, energy, fuel, and water conservation, and the use of sustainable products.

Financial wellness

Financial well-being is all about financial security and includes knowledge and skills of financial planning and managing expenses.


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Wellness enthusiasts are high-income consumers who actively follow brands on social media, track new-product launches, and are excited about innovations. They are socially responsible and prefer (and are willing to pay more for) brands that are environmentally sustainable and with clean/natural ingredients.

The global trends indicate that this industry is growing and will continue to grow in the future. There are many popular and profitable wellness brands and product categories that you can choose to sell on your marketplace.

Start a wellness & health marketplace to help your customers deal with their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, and environmental stress and issues.

With Vendo, you can launch your own multi-brand eCommerce business at a fraction of the cost of custom development or enterprise SaaS and within days instead of months.

Once live, Vendo automates everything from vendor onboarding (eg. from Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, using API or CSV files), integrating with 3rd party services (eg. Stripe, Algolia, Shippo, TaxJar), accepting buyer payments in over 135 currencies, pushing orders for fulfillment to your sellers’ stores, to seller payouts in 50 countries.

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