Use Cases
Use Cases
Assortment Expansion

How to execute a low-risk Assortment Expansion to boost eCommerce KPIs

Add hundreds or thousands of new complimentary SKUs to your product catalog without any procurement, warehousing, inventory risk, or using your own capital.

Create new categories with dropshipping partners. Test the market trends and customer demand based on new sales data.

Boost your Average Order Value (AOV) and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) with product collections, bundles and kits.

Find the brands you like, invite them to your marketplace, start curating your product catalog, and then start selling.

Keep your sales commission from all marketplace orders, the customer relationship, and your brand identity.

Start a beauty marketplace with tens of Shopify brands as sellers

Onboard brands. Merchandise your storefront. Go live within days. Get paid. Scale up.

Add new SKUs within minutes

Vendo imports your new products from any dropshipping partner on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or similar. Approve what you want to sell and what products should stay hidden. Edit the products descriptions and photos in order to keep the buying experience on-brand.

Seller onboarding
Seller onboarding

Fully automated seller collaboration

Vendo keeps the inventory levels in sync to avoid overselling or customer service issues. Vendo uses your sellers’ shipping and taxation settings on your own marketplace checkout to make it easier for them to fulfill orders. Vendo fetches shipment tracking information and sends it to your marketplace customers.

Automated Shopify sync
Automated Shopify sync
Automated payouts & refunds

Automated seller payouts

Your marketplace sellers get paid automatically as they fulfill orders. If a customer initiates a return, the funds are automatically refunded. The entire payment reconciliation process is fully automated. Sellers receive invoices once a month.

Get sellers paid
Get sellers paid

Sellers get paid upon shipment

You won’t have to enter products manually or synchronize any stock levels by hand. Everything is automated. That being said, you can curate what you want to sell and where.


Sellers get paid upon shipment

Vendo automates all seller payouts so sellers don’t have to wait for several days until the payments are reconciled by the marketplace owner. Once the goods are shipped, sellers get paid.


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