How to start an International Marketplace with multiple currencies and languages

Cross-border marketplace eCommerce is an opportunity to boost growth by reaching new audiences. Use Vendo to create multiple country-specific experiences.

A country picker for end-users, language translations for each country, product catalog varied by country.

Currencies specific for each country, multi-currency product pricing, local payment methods and shipping methods.

Find the brands you like on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, onboard them, start curating your product catalog.

Keep your sales commission from all marketplace orders, the customer relationship, and your brand identity.


Product prices in multiple currencies: USD, GBP, EUR & more

Each product variant on Vendo may have an unlimited number of prices in different currencies. Depending on the country selection by the customer, they will see not only their preferred currency, but also their local language, payment methods, and shipping methods.


Buyer-preferred payment methods

Vendo supports country-specific, age-appropriate payment methods for conveniently accepting marketplace buyer payments in over 135 currencies. Research shows that customer expectations vary per country, region, and even age group: Cards, Bank debits, Bank redirects, Bank transfers, “Buy now, pay later” (BNPL), Real-time payments, Vouchers, Wallets.

Payment methods

Marketplace sellers handle shipping

Your marketplace sellers are already shipping internationally so it’s business as usual for them. As soon as they ship the goods, your marketplace customer will receive shipping tracking information. Your customer service team may monitor seller and shipping carrier performance at all times.

Start a cross-border marketplace with multiple currencies and languages

Start an international, multi-language, multi-currency marketplace. Use Vendo to easily onboard tens of Shopify brands in minutes and automate day to day operations.


Full automation and no extra manual work

You won’t have to enter products manually or synchronize any stock levels by hand. Everything is automated. That being said, you can curate what you want to sell and where.


Sellers get paid upon shipment

Vendo automates all seller payouts so sellers don’t have to wait for several days until the payments are reconciled by the marketplace owner. Once the goods are shipped, sellers get paid.

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