How to start a multi-brand eCommerce dropshipping business to monetize a content website, a podcast, a newsletter

Why depend on advertising revenue - unreliable, seasonal, and frustrating the target audience.
Monetize your brand, content, and audience directly by starting a marketplace with virtual inventory and tens of brands.
Find the brands you like on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, to combine their products with your product catalog.
Keep your sales commission from all 3rd party brand orders, keep the customer relationship, and your brand identity.
Electronic media monetization

Monetize your audience through eCommerce

Electronic media businesses have a unique business opportunity to directly monetize their audiences by combining their content with Vendo, an all-in-one platform for multi-brand eCommerce with virtual inventory. Vendo takes away the complexity of marketplace eCommerce making it a viable spinoff business model for digital media teams both big and small.
Monetize your audience
Editorial freedom

eCommerce gives you editorial freedom

Electronic media companies' reliance on advertising limits their editorial freedom and incentivizes them to serve brands' interests instead of their target audience. Vendo gives media people the freedom to serve their audiences first.
Replacing affiliate marketing

Improving on inefficient affiliate marketing

All media businesses relying on ads and affiliate marketing are severely underpaid as they are putting money into the pockets of other brands or affiliate partners with direct commercial relationships with the consumers. By transferring their audience elsewhere, media companies are missing out on monetizing their own brand, content, and audience.
Monetize your content

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