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NuTraditions mobile-first sub-second DTC eCommerce

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Feb 23, 2022
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NuTraditions, a DTC startup from Oakland, California, offers fast-acting, subscription-based remedies based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. They do it using a mobile-first, sub-second eCommerce storefront integrated with Stripe Checkout running on top of Vendo eCommerce engine.

I founded NuTraditions on the belief that if we can make it easy to access Traditional Chinese Medicine, a holistic healing practice, we can all live a better life.

These words of Wilson Lau, founder of NuTraditions, inspired the Vendo team to craft an amazing shopping experience encompassed in a mobile-first storefront based on Next.js Commerce combined with Stripe Checkout.

As a result shoppers looking for convenient remedies rooted in ancient wisdom find a sub-second, rich product discovery and frictionless checkout enabled by Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Wilson created the NuTraditions brand in homage to his grandmother, Dr. Bing Yin Lee.

She was a vision of elegance, wisdom, and strength. She was charming, impeccably dressed, and always sporting her signature red lipstick.

Most importantly, she received her medical degree in 1935 at a time when women typically didn’t get to practice medicine (or enter the workforce, for that matter).

She was a trendsetter, an inspiration to and healer of many.

Wilson was inspired by his grandmother’s legacy and a desire to help his customers live better. NuTraditions began so he could share his family’s know-how and herbal experience to help anyone tackle their busy day.

The same vision has materialized in a new NuTraditions website.

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