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Vendo empowers YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Influencers to easily start a dropshipping business with quality products from tens of domestic brands.
Home & Garden
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Media & Publishers

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Vendo enables Digital Media and Publishers to easily launch a multi-brand dropshipping marketplace and monetize a content website, newsletter, online community, or mobile app.
Success story

Woo - a new Gen-Z feel-good brand and marketplace backed by ITV launches on Vendo

Woo redefines wellness for an entire generation with a mix of editorial content and a marketplace filled with products that make you feel good.

"We wanted to shift the monetisation model for media brands and build a business that didn’t rely on advertising revenue. Woo’s marketplace model gives us the freedom to build the platform in a way that’s led by creativity and audience-need above anything else.“
Stephen Mai, Woo’s CEO and Founder
Use Case

Ecommerce Marketplace

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Vendo automates your entire dropshipping business from vendor onboarding, always keeping in sync, accepting buyer payments in over 135 currencies, to seller payouts, reporting and invoicing.

Vendo comes with a full suite of merchandising tools for product catalog curation. Keep the buying experience on-brand end-to-end with Vendo customizable storefront and transactional emails.
How it works

Automate all your marketplace processes

Onboard sellers with their products & stock levels
Invite your sellers by email to complete their profile and sync their products & stock levels using API, CSV, or apps for Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and other systems.
Buyers purchase from multiple sellers in one order
Allow buyers to make a single payment for products from multiple sellers using a card, a wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay), or installment payments.
Orders are split into suborders for each seller
A buyer’s order is broken down into suborders that are pushed to the corresponding sellers for fulfillment. Sellers then return a tracking number.
Buyer pay-ins are split into several seller payouts
Upon delivery, each seller automatically receives a payout into their account minus your agreed marketplace commission. You can also set up manual billing.
Key Features

A smooth experience for buyers and suppliers

Vendo ensures excellent buyer experience with smooth product discovery and search, a multitude of payment methods and optimal shipping cost calculation.

Vendo keeps suppliers happy with easy onboarding, automated products sync using their preferred method and easy payouts.

For buyers

All supplier products in one order
Physical and digital products
A one-time payment or a recurring subscription payment
Multiple payment methods available

For suppliers

Easy onboarding
Shopify sync app available
Automated product & order sync
Automated payouts
How your business benefits

Scale your marketplace business with Vendo

Vendo is an all-in-one eCommerce solution that lets you scale your marketplace business by automating processes with supplier self-service dashboards, tools, and workflows.

It works well in a D2C or a B2B model. Or both. One platform to manage your entire eCommerce business.

Starting Fresh?

Start dropshipping without holding any inventory while keeping the customer relationship to yourself. Grow your business in a dropshipping model.

Already selling online?

Extend your existing product catalog with complimentary supplier products to increase average order value and customer loyalty to your own brand.
Use Case

Create a streamlined B2B eCommerce experience

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Vendo empowers you to run a high-volume, high-order value wholesale business catering to the needs of large buyer organizations represented by multiple user accounts, with a product catalog and pricing tailored to each such customer, and complex procurement workflows including quotes, approvals, on terms payments, invoicing.
How it works

Connect Vendo into your IT ecosystem

Plug Vendo into your existing ecosystem to synchronize products, pricing, stock levels across multiple warehouses. Populate customer data and shipping locations. Calculate taxes and reconcile payments. Push orders for fulfillment to the right warehouses.

Import multiple product catalogs and set pricing policies

Import your product catalog using any of the available methods: API, CSV, Excel, or sync with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce. Optionally invite other suppliers to bring their own product catalogs to your store so you can earn a commission from their sales.

Invite multiple buyer organizations

Enable multi-role buyer experience by inviting multiple individual users to a single organization account so they may collaborate as a team in product discovery, adding to cart, asking for a quote, placing an order, making a payment, and tracking deliveries. 

Ship from many warehouses to many delivery locations

Each order may be delivered from multiple locations depending on their stock levels and ordered line item quantity. Each order may be delivered in multiple shipments to many different delivery locations. 
Key features

Streamline your complex B2B workflows

Run a purely wholesale business or combine B2B with DTC and manage all your products, inventory levels, orders, customers, payments, and shipments in a single eCommerce platform.

B2B only

Products and stock levels import
Buyer organizations
Product sub-catalogs
Per-customer pricing
Quotes and approvals

B2B and DTC combined

All of B2B features
One platform, two storefronts or more
A single product catalog
Unified inventory management
Coordinated fulfillment
How your business benefits

All your customers and orders under one roof

Vendo is an all-in-one eCommerce solution that lets you scale your B2B business by automating back-office processes while allowing for complex wholesale policies and procurement workflows. It works well for combining a B2B business with DTC or in some cases B2BC (reseller business) or B2B2E (employee portals). One platform to manage your entire eCommerce business.

B2B only

Get a fully-featured B2B eCommerce platform with the benefit of a modern, lightweight, API-first architecture with limitless storefront curation.

B2B and DTC combined

Run all your eCommerce brands and businesses on a single platform serving as the source of truth for all your other systems: ERP, CRM, PIM, accounting, BI.
Evolve your eCommerce business model

Vendo lets you combine Marketplace, B2B, and DTC

Vendo is the end of re-platforming. It is the last eCommerce platform you will ever need. Start with any of the business models and expand later. Or go live with all three at the same time.
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Our Solutions

Remove friction from scaling your eCommerce business

Launch within weeks, not months
Craft amazing user experiences
Automate supplier onboarding
Scale your product catalog
Launch within weeks, not months
Craft amazing user experiences
Automate supplier onboarding
Scale your product catalog
Nurture end-customer loyalty
Gather intelligence and insights
Automate operations and payouts
Keep costs low and predictable
Take data security beyond PCI compliance
Nurture end-customer loyalty
Gather intelligence and insights
Automate operations and payouts
Keep costs low and predictable
Take data security beyond PCI compliance